Taking Maternity Leave really early !

Well i've decided to go on mat leave at week 33 instead of week 36. My company are making redundancies but I found out that if i'm on maternity leave at the time they do the job matching I am guaranteed a job and dont have to do all the interviews and stuff. Since I cant risk losing my job i've decided to take mat leave earlier so as to secure my job for when I return from maternity leave, unfortunatly though thanks to an "all staff" email that was sent out by head office advising of this particular perk for pregnant women the other staff in the office have begun to be a bit mean to me as it means they are now all fighting over one less position. Of course i've tried to say that in my position any one of them would do the exact same thing but they dont seem to care ! :x

On the plus side i'm kinda glad i'll be leaving on 13th Feb now as i'm in so much agony sitting at my desk all day with my bad back that I dont think I could have hacked it for much longer anyway ! At least now i'll have a few weeks at home to not only prepare the house but to rest my back in the hope that some of the back pain will ease !

MrsW 31+4


  • I dont blame you hun and youre right they would do the same if they were in your position - youre definitely doing the right thing dont let them get you down theyre just being this way as tensions are high what with job loss etc



  • Don't take any notice of the others at work. I think being pregnant is the one time we deserve to be a little selfish and take full advantage of any perks being offered to us!
  • Hi Mrs Weir,

    You have definetly made the right decision.
    If the ppl you work with were in your position they would do the same :\)

    Sometimes in life you have to be selfish and look after your own back.
    Babe this is one of them times.

    &&&& enjoy your maternity leave image
  • I don't blame you hon, they might be cross but let them, they would do the same and you have to put yourself first.

    Enjoy the rest, now you will be nice and relaxed ready for baby.

    Sazzle xx
  • Don't even think twice about it hun! Anyone would do the same in your situation!!

    I'll be finishing @ 33weeks anyway! I've saved my anual leave, (6weeks), then will start mat leave on my due date!! So I'll finish in May, it better be a good summer!!!!

    I think it will be fab, we'll have plenty of time to get sorted, & relax before baby's here!!

    18+4 x
  • hi hun, i would have done exactly the same thing. My mat leave starts on the 1st march but i have two weeks annual leave to take before this, am currentley on sick (as of today) due to spd and i'm not sure if i'll be going back for my final week next week. just going to do what's best for me and pip
  • I am now 30+1 and started my mat leave yesterday, cos i've been having problems with my hips/back and trying to work was just getting silly!

    I wouldn't worry about any one else, you only have to put up with them for another couple of weeks, and then by the tie you go back they will all have forgotten (and they will know their jobs are safe - so will have no reason to be annoyed),

    Enjoy the long rest!
  • Good idea - I would do the same. I too am finishing at 33 weeks as I have saved all my holiday and I can't wait - I still have 20 weeks left to work though but I am on the countdown!!

    As other's have said don't worry about others its a tough time for all and who was to say you would be job matched without being pregnant...

    Emma 12+5 xx
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