I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Morning all

I was here two months ago after getting a BFP but it turned out to be a chemical pregnancy.

Well yesterday morning at 9DPO I got a faint line on a FR (which my neighbour confirmed she could also see!!). I then did a Clearblue test and there was a faint line there to.

Done another Clearblue this morning and there's still a faint line. I'm going to leave it a few more days before I test again and see if that lines got any darker.

I'm very nervous that this is all going to end again but I'm really hoping that this is going to be a sticky bean. My boobs are really sore (not just when they are touched - I rolled over in bed last night and could feel the pain in them), got cramps and pulling sensations in my tummy and have been feeling a little sicky. Hope these all continue. image

Love and hugs

Clare and Lumpy xxxxxxxx

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