Im soooo p*****d off :(


I need a rant, i am soooo pissed off 2day image

Ive hardly had any pains today and feel as if my labour may have stopped, grr!

I phoned my own midwife to tell her i was in hospital monday night and that i was 1cm dilated and having regular contractions, but all she said is that there's nothing she can do image

I wanted her to ask me in to see her and check me to see if im anymore dilated, think it would make me feel better but NO!!! hehe

I asked her if my labour can stop but she said if i have started to dilate then it cant stop, but it can ease and just to relax and she hopes things start again soon :cry:

Also, my phone hasnt stopped all morning, people asking if baby is here yet, any news, hows pains etc etc AAARGHHHH!!
The worst ones are... 'Where's that baby of your's?? Thot you were in labour days ago!!' :x

Sorry im in a bad mood today, all of you who know me on here know im usually soooo cheery :lol:

Sharon x


  • Awwww hope it speeds up for you hun


  • Ah babe that is such a shame that the labour is slowing down.

    Do you have an appointment with your MW soon, I would maybe call her back and ask her if she would see you. Tell her your feeling uneasy about being in early labour and it slowing down to nothing really.

  • Oh you poor thing, I am sending lots of positive *contracting* thoughts your way!!! Very strange actually, as for some weird reason I dreamt that I logged on to see that you had had the baby and the scan was wrong - it was actually a boy!?!? How bizarre is that??? Not that I think it is a boy as you had the 4d scan, but strange that I would dream something so random about someone on here.

    You probably think I am nuts, sorry!! LOL



  • awww sorry ur lo doest want to make an entrance to the world she must be very warm and cosy were she is!! hope everything speeds up 4 u!!! have u had a hot curry ect???
    luv clare

  • Oh Becky dont say that :lol:

    My sis had a dream it was a boy too lol, but yeah weve had 3 scans and all said girl and the 4d one showed her ovaries etc and was very obvious she was a girl :\)

    Imagine if it is wrong, he will have to be the gayest baby ever as room is bright pink!! lol and he will be wearing pink!!:lol:

    Sharon x

  • Ahh honey , I can see why you are in a mood I would be as well but and I know you have been told this like 100 times , just try and relax. It will happen before you know about it and then your be wishing it would stop image

    Keep us posted.

    k XX
  • I'm so sorry it has stopped and you are feeling like this!!
    I'd turn the phone off or get someone else to take the calls if I was you!

    I'm sure you are sick of the tips but if you can manage it try going for a long walk. That might kick start it!

    Good luck and can't wait to hear your birth story!!

    I'm intrigued at her saying it can't stop. I went into premature labour at 24 weeks and got to 2 cm dialated. It kicked of again before christmas and again they stopped it with hormones etc. I'm now 33+2. I am still dialated as apparently it won't go back and my cervix is really short - too short, but no contractions or anything (touch wood!)
  • hi hun, hope things speed up a bit for you. good luck and take care. xxx
  • I hope things speed up for you and your little girl arrives soon!

    Good luck and take care image

  • Ahh hun, how bloody annoying!!!! Will add on from SB tho...i went into premmie labour with my 1st and was 2cm dilated at 27wks...they stopped it and had him at 38wks. With my 2nd i had to be induced due to early membrane rupture weeks before and i was already 1 - 2cm.

    Really hope it happens for you soon hun, know how frustrating it is xxxx
  • I appologise I am one of those people image

    Maybe its the twiglets slowing things down?? HeeHee your time will come lady and soon Jaimi will be on the scene keeping you awake so get plenty of rest and try not to get too pissed off xx
  • LOL @ Ruth for texting!!

    Ill let you off, you are an exception, you're my botch!! image

    Speak 2 ya 2nite hun x x
  • oh mrs j it must be so rubbish but don't get down. Baby will be here sooner than you think just relax and she will arrive once she is ready. At least things are starting for you i am not feeling anything and am so impatient! Good luck am keeping it all crossed for you things start again. Rachel 4 days to go x x x
  • I totally sympathise as I had this happen when I was in labour with my little boy. I went in on the 29th December with regular (but not painful) contractions every 5 mins, they said I was 3-4cm dilated and could stay in. By the next day everything had stopped and i was so fed up I asked if I could go home! It felt like forever but finally my contractions started again in the early hours of the 2nd Jan and I knew something was definately happening that time. My lo was born at 1:20pm that day!

    On the plus side I think because I dilated so slowly I was in no pain until the last few hours of labour and even then I managed with just accupuncture. Fingers crossed you have a nice easy birth too to make up for the wait! xx
  • Hey Liz!

    That's good! I like hearing similar stories to mine that worked out good!! image

    I really hope my story ends u like yours image


  • P.S... Katie you are also an exception, you're my other botch :lol:

    x x x x
  • Hey hun, get that ball out and bounce, bounce, bounce!!! Sending you lots of contraction vibes hun!

    Tracey x x
  • Im trying to forget now that im in labour as im driving myself demented :lol: (although quite hard when i have pains every feckin 5mins!!)

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