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nct classes?


is anyone attending or going to attend nct classes?

I have looked into these classes in my local area, they are quite expensive and just wondered whether they are actually worth doing or whether i should just do my nhs ante natal classes?

any thoughts or advice would be great please.



  • I really enjoyed our NCT classes and thought they were much better than the NHS classes. I found that I had a lot more in common with the couples on our NCT class too and they're a great tool for making new mummy-to-be friends, whereas the NHS ones don't have much time for chatting to others. x

  • Definitely, I did them last year when I was pregnant with Emma... I still see the girls and babies each week sometimes a few times a week. They have all become firm friends and Emma loves seeing the other babies (her friends).

    It is very imformative to go especially for partners/hubby's as they don't tend to read the books, but just to make those friends, they were( and still are) invaluable!

  • I have to say that I preferred the NHS ones (I did both), but maybe that's because the midwife running them was particularly good.
    I thought the NCT one was a bit too prescriptive regarding breastfeeding and having a natural delivery ( I did end up having a natural delivery and breastfed for 1 year but I thought the NCT didn't explore other options enough).
    My NHS ones were really informative and not at all judgemental or baised, but like I said I may have been a lucky one!
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