The great pushchair debate.......HELP!

hey ladies, firstly let me apologise for dipping into thisforum from my usual home in September.
dont know if anyone can help but am currenlty trying to find a pushchair/pram/car seat and am getting more and more confused with every passing day.
i'm looking for something that ideally can be used from birth and for as long as possible, it doesnt have to be car seat compatible but if it is then thats a bonus. it needs to be light as i'm under 5ft and as dh is over 6ft it needs to have adjustable handles so we can both use it. i also dont want to spend stupid amounts of money.
i've looked at Which reports and reviews on the net but every company quite unsurprisingly is biased.

if anyone has found any good deals or has any recomendations then please please throw them my way as i may well go insane if i keep searching without guidance.



  • Hi hun dont apologise, this forums for all us preggers ladies!
    I'm a bit biased with my pram, I love it! I have the silvercross sleepover deluxe. Its a 4 wheeler with 3 settings, theres a carrycot which attatches to the chassis and also has a seperate stand so can be used as a moses basket too, it also turns into a pushchair that can face either way on the chassis but has a special mattress for when you use it as a pram. It also comes with a car seat which can go on the chassis too. Its very easy to fold and quite light but also quite sturdy and lovely to push. When it came my 4 year old was sat comfortably in the push chair setting so it can be used from birth right up to 4 if you want to! The handles are adjustable too. It is expensive brand new, ??500 including car seat, but we actually got it from ebay! We were all prepared to buy it but then I suggested to hubby having a look on ebay and we found it for ??150 delivered. It was second hand but I spoke to the woman over the phone a few times and she was very nice, she'd only had it 3 months but as she had gone back to work she was just putting baby in the car seat and dropping off at the child minders who used a stroller so she just didnt have the room for it. She said if it came and we werent happy with it she would refund it no problem but when it came we were so happy with it! It hasnt got a mark on it, which is saying something as the inside of it is white! Even the wheels looked brand new. I'm so glad we got it and I love it. But there are sooo many prams out there, its easy to get confused. I think the best thing is to go to a shop with lots of models and explain what it is your looking for in a pram, what the most important features are. For me, I wanted the baby to be able to face me and lie flat and it needed to be easy to push.
  • Hi hun we have the 03 sport from mamas and papas, this is great as it has the adjustable handle as there is quite a difference in height between me and my oh but it is heavy. Think the best idea is to go to a few shops and actually try them out. Then you can see how heavy they are, if they fold easily and have all the features that you need. But if I were you once you find the right one I would shop aroung on line as you may find it cheaper! Tammi xxx
    17 days to go
  • CarleyBarley-Im really jealous now-you've really sold that pram-I want it!
    The one I have is a Hauck shop and drive, travel system. I love it, I cant remember if the handles are adjustable to be honest though, its at my mums at the moment;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • Hi,

    I bought this one from EBAY. It doesnt have the car seat included, but it comes with the carrycot. It is really light and easy to use. It also has the adjustable handle.

    I thought it was also reasonably priced, seen one similar on m&p website for ??500, this one cost us ??220 with p&p.

    Kerry xxx

  • hi hun, they make too many pushchairs dont they, they should just make one really good one lol
    i have the bebe confort loola up, which i love. you can get a matching car seat but i don't have it, and you can also get a matching carry cot but i don't have that either cos the seat lies flat so i just put lo in there. i love it cos it can face either way, so far i've only had it facing me cos lo's so small! only thing bad is that it is crud off road or anywhere too bumpy, but for general round town / in the park it's great and on public transport it is FAB. if you want the whole package glasgow pram centre have a pretty good deal.
    if you want something more off road or are planning another lo soon i would have to reccomend the phil and teds, i have it in blue camo and love love love it! i don't use it round town cos the loolas easier for that, but in the countryside it is great and my lo looks so cosy. i know there are several ladies on here who have it as a double and love it for that too.
    hope that helps a bit - tbh we'll proly end up confusing you more!! xxx

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