i had a mmc on 29th sept. i just wondered if anyone concieved straight after or how long it took after a mc?



  • Hi whats a mc????xxx
  • Oh so sorry if u have had 1. I feel bad for asking now. There was a feed about this in the ttc after mc chat room about a month ago. Sorry i know thats not much help. GL anyway hun xx
  • yes I did, i mc in feb and fell pregnant (without a period in between) in March, im now due in three weeks time. I'd also mc before that as well, so stay strong - it can happen.xx
  • im hoping that im preg now, although i did a test on sun to check all preg hormone had gone from my mc, the test was nagative i think or v v v vv v faint positive. do u think i should test again?we only started 2 weeks ago after id stopped bleeding from the mc.

    ashy x
  • its worth testing again, but obviously it may be too soon after the mc - maybe wait another week (if you can) or go and see your GP. Good luck hun.x
  • Hi,

    I mc in jan and fell pregnant straight away, no period in between and my baby is due on thursday. Its worth doing a test or go to the doctorsxxx
  • hi there
    I agree it is possible to fall pg again. A friend of mine had a mmc and then fell pregnant again the next month. Literally she ovulated 2 weeks post mc. I would wait just a little longer before testing again and try to use first pee of the day. I know they say it doesn't matter but defo best as more concentrated.
    best of luck to you. I have had 1 mmc and 1 mc so i send you so much luck and best wished
    love MZS
  • my friend also got pg straight away - she was advised that if she felt ready to go for it as apparently you are very fertile after a mc - good luck! xxx
  • Hi! I had a MC on the 4th Sept, I had the ERPC, & I got my BFP on Saturday! I've not had an AF inbetween!

    Hope this is it for you, & you get a sticky bean!!!

  • yay well done butterfly! whats erpc????

    even if i am preg it prob wouldnt show up as positive on a test yet would it? we have only been ttc for 2 weeks, even tho my af would have been due yesterday if i counted 28 days since my mc...

    ashy x
  • hey i miscarried on 29th oct, and 6 weeks later did a preg test as was still being sick... found out id concieved 8 days after miscarrying and have a beautiful little boy whose nearly 6 weeks old to show for it image

    sandie and DJ XXX
  • i am so sorry to hear about your MC hun.
    i had one in early april, was totally devasted so know how you feel.
    me and dh decided to put trying for a baby on hold for a few months as i wasnt ready to start ttc again.
    anyway fate stepped in and i got a BFP at the end of the april! was totally shocked as we hadnt been trying.
    i am now 29 weeks pregnant with my first baby.
    i didn't have a period inbetween the MC and the BFP.
    good luck with ttc it will happen sooner than you think!
  • ERPC is the op they do to remove everything from MC, it used to be called D&C!

    I tested last week, & got BFN, then this week BFP! So keep on testing!!!

    Good luck xxxx
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