Early pg question

Hi Gals, just wondering what you think/if you have eperienced the same. I am about 7 weeks gone and my tummy feels really bloated and sore - like i need to let it all hang out if that makes sense. It feels a bit like trapped wind I think. Now, I know I sound stupid (esp as this is my 2ng pg!) but do you think this is just a bit of bloating or is it a warning sign that something isn't right pg wise? I have had no cramps or bleeding - I literally just feel sorely bloated. Thanks for ANY advice xx


  • hi i feel the same, im 9 weeks an my tummys sore, mam thinks its becasue my skin an everything is stretching. Its my 1st baby so i dont know what it feels like.
  • i was v bloated and uncomfortable pretty much as soon as i found out i was pg at about 5 weeks! so bloated that i had to buy jeans in a size up as my normal ones were uncomfortable. but if you are in pain at all i'd suggest getting checked.

    congrats on your pregnancy.

    becks x
    37 weeks
  • I was really bloated at that stage, was in maternity trousers by 8 weeks, as couldn't do up any normal ones!
  • I was really bloated like that in my first pregnancy. I think it lasted roughly from between 6-10 weeks. I didn't have it in this pregnancy but my diet has been different (drinking more water this time around).
    I don't think it's anything you need to worry about.
  • I was the same, so bloated and uncomfortable, it was horrible! but it's completely normal hun

    Jo xx
  • I have been bloated, sore and constipated on and off since week 5! im 17 + 4 now! dont worry hun it is horribly uncomfortable thou xxx
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