cures for heartburn???????????

happy new year everyone!
I'm killed with heartburn at the moment and lack of energy i'm 8 weeks or more not sure havn't counted up for a while feel sick and have no appitie for food any suggestions?


  • I seem to be getting really bad heartburn and rennie soft chews help alot, and i like the taste of them! x

  • If you go to your docs you can get gaviscon on prescription - therefore free! Milk is good if you have nothing else handy but in my first pregnancy i drank a bottle of gaviscon a day and my boy is now a healthy 14 1/2 yr old!
  • Hiya i had heartburn right from day one, thats why i done a pregnancy test! - i like the fruit rennis , and i also went through a bottle of gaviscon a day, doctor must of thought i was selling it lol - melon is also really good, and i found that fanta helped, but fanta was my craving so maybe it didn't help lol
  • think i almost overdosed on gaviscon towards the end LOL but didn't even touch it, i drank loads of milk and that really worked!!
  • u can take liquid gaviscon but i was told not to take the tablets (not sure why tho)
  • thanks might try the rennies as i hate mint at the minute
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