Fluid in kidneys - Over dialated on Scan..?

I had my 24 wk scan today on the twins and...

Twin 2 had full (dialted kidneys), on this scan, along with the same issue on the 20 wk scan, and I am told it just means she will need closer monitoring, as there could be many reasons for it, like for instance a blockage of the tubes from the kidneys to the urethea (sp?) or some twisting of one, or some other organ pressing on one, or nothing at all even, and it will be monitored now until birth and if they remain the same upto birth she will need further tests when she is born.

However i was told its quite a common thing to pick up on scans and its just noted now on my notes for closer monitoring and it does not endanger her life or will it mean I have to have her born earlier.

Has anyone else experienced this or similar?

Em x


  • Sorry, shamelessly bumping up, incase any new ladies on have advice.
  • Hi Em
    Not experienced this but i know my sil did with her little boy, do you know what your babies sexs are?
    Thomas, had one tube twisted and eventually the other Kidney died. However, this is not as bad as it sounds and doesnt mean this will happen to your little one. We can all function perfectly well with only 1 kidney, in fact you wouldnt notice any difference with him.
    Its good that they are now monitoring you closly as is it gets any worse the will be able to pick up on it sooner.
    Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy
  • Thanks Nikki, mine are girls, and they did say at the hospital that its more common in boys. Sorry to ask, but happened then after the birth, did he have the kidney removed? x
  • Hi Em- I'm being induced on Tues as my baby (boy) has kidney abnormalities both sides. Renal dilatation is quite common and doesn't mean major probs in the majority of cases- as you say could be a small blockage or narrowing of the ureter causing the wee to flow a bit slower and back up into the kidney.
    My little boy has more structural probs but even then they can't say what it will mean after birth so wew are waiting to see and keeping our fingers crossed xx
  • Hi Em,

    I found out that one of my baby's kidneys is also dialated at the 20 week scan. I have to go back at 28 week's ( in 2 weeks time) to find out if there has been any improvement or otherwise.

    I am trying not to worry as I have been advised by the sonographer and my midwife that this is quite common and should not cause any lasting problems.

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