is my labour starting

Hey ladies im sure this has been asked a MILLION times on here but I dont know whats going on as this is my first child.Ive been getting period-like cramps on and off every day or so for about a month now but now i feel a sort of tightening around my stomach..its only around the sides and not at all in the middle though and its not painful and ive got no backache...and for the past few days i think my mucos plug has been coming out but my water hasnt broken, also i went to the bathroom and i had about a tablespoon or more of bright red blood come out with small clots in it (im not too worried about this because its happened before)is my labour finally starting(my question mark doesnt work on my computer so lets just pretend its there lol)my original due date was tomorrow (dec2) but they moved it up to dec10 so maybe this is just my body screwing with me...if anyone knows whats goin on pls respond...also...if this is not labour starting....anyone got hints on how to get it going (ive tried walking,driving on bumpy roads and having there any other way!)


  • Hi,

    If you have had bright red blood with clots in it you really should get checked out, could just be the start of labour but I would get checked out all the same.

    Hope you get to meet your lo soon!

    Liz x
  • I would pop to your local maternity ward now. They can check that the blood clots aren't anything sinister and examine you and you'll know for sure.
    Wishing you the very best of luck!!
  • if u are losing blood i would phone the hospital hun

    good luck xxx
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