Am i paranoid?

Hi ladies,

Can you help , i think i know the answer to my worry but need reassurance from people who are in the know! I keep having sporadic aches and pains in my lower tum. These can be sharp and momentary or ache a little longer. They have been happening for the last 24 hours. They are aches not full on pain and sting a little but not much. I do not have blood ar anything like that but just want reassurance that this is normal and is just uterus stretching or something similar.




  • Oh hun, yes it is totally normal and this comes from the queen of paranoia!! I have been to early preg unit twice with pain and last one little bleed and baby fine.........I def get streching pains, i have had them since week 7 then at week 10 and now at week 13 - all the time baby has been fine.

    If the pain gets really too bad then go doctors xxx
  • Thanks Lady K, i keep telling myself its normal but this is new to me and i dont know whats normal if you know what i mean/ I had a bleed at 8 weeks but everything was fine.
    Thanks sorry for being silly x
  • Yeah - like lady K said, as long as the pain isn't unbearable, or accompanied by bleeding, then it is all normal and just one of the many pregnancy joys!

    Oh and don't be sorry - this is what this forum is here for! Better to check it out, rather than sit and worry any day!

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