How faint is faint!!!

Right...think af is due nx thursday (will be 31days then..) tested 3times yesterday and after the 5min window all 3 had faint lines...tested again today and faint line there within time limit....its soooooo faint though got to turn it up to the light to see it, not sure what to think...had an mc last month, i know there was no hormone left due to bloods etc, everything has gone bk to not sure what to think, i have back ache and loads of white cm for 5days and my boobs hurt, along with af pains for over a week now, so confused!!! Was wondering what everyones positives have looked like!!!! thnaks in advance!!! kim xxxxxxx


  • Hiya Kim,
    I had a really faint positive like you and had to hold it up to the window lol.
    So I rang the help line and they said it was an early positive and to test again in a few days, then it was a bit darker!
    All the signs are good hun! Good luck.
  • my first one was very clear - no mistaking it for a positive. but i didn't believe it so i did another one! that one was very faint, and like yours, could only really see the line if i held it to the light. I think because i had drunk loads of water in between and had diluted the hormones!
    so the third one i did first thing in the morning and that was a clear line again, the best time of day to test apparently if you haven't tried that. If you still can't be sure it might be worth trying one of the digital tests?
    good luck!
  • Hi Hun - I've had that sort of faint line twice - once I came on so it can't have been abd the second time I was pregnant and it got darker by the next day. All you can do is try again in the morning and see what happens - horrible I know. Good luck hun, hope you get some good news after your traumatic time, xxx
  • Hi hun just wanted to say good luck and sounds like a BFP to me!! All three of the first tests I took were faint and as the days went on the line got darker and darker.
    Really hope this is 3rd time lucky for you babe and this one will stick!!! You deserve it so much and would be lovely as now you hav'nt got to wait until April to carry on ttc. Fingers crossed and keep us posted x x x Lots of love Sarah x x x
  • hi i tested with clear blur digital at first and it was positve but becasue i didnt trust the "technology" i got some cheaper sticks and they turned up really really faint, but after another 6 i decided i was preg, (and am now happily 21 wks) and plus it wouldnt make any line atall if it didnt detect the say you are PREGNANT!!!so congrats!
  • yey i am sooooooooo pleased for u!! as u have had a previous mc u will be able to have a scan early and i'm sure that will put ur mind more at rest but you have just as much chance as having a healthy pregnancy as anyone else, test again in a few days in the morning cos then line will prob be more strong then, i left testing til i was a week late and got a very strong positive at night. goodluck babe yey xxxx
  • Hiya woomummy - I did a digital test 4 days early and it came up with the word pg! I then wanted to do another test to double check but i picked up the standard clear blue test and peed on it midafternoon and it came up with the faintest line (to start with i couldn't see a line & cried!) but when i held it up to the light there was a line,over the next 2 days i took 2 more (to be sure ofcourse!) and the lines were more visible! good luck hun!
  • Hi hun.. I have answered this on the ttc forum a minute ago, on your I tested again topic.. without realising you asked the question in here lol.... woooo spooky lol.
    caz xxx
  • Hi, i had a really faint line too! so faint in fact that i got back in bed and told oh it was negative! was only a few hours later i saw very faint line. Had to ask a friend as thought it might of been a guidance line or something. she said no def not as they dont have any markings on b4 you use them so did a digital test 2 days later and was pos!

    am crossing my fingers for you hun as i remember you from last month. i hope everything works out for you! let us all know
    Lisx x x
  • Thanks for all your lovely replies, well ur all giving me hope, just wish i had a fastforward button now as want to know for sure....!!! kim xxxxxx
  • babe i was pregnant for 11 weeks before i even got a posssitve. thats how i never knew until 11 weeks. the strange thing is i had taken a test when i was about 8 weeks and they were nag, so i asumed i wasnt. the suddenly because i was quitesick, sore boobs etc, i got one just to rule out pregnancy and here i am 14 +3 week preg!!!!

    I will never trust a pregnancy test again.
  • the same happended to me yesterday mornign, i did 2 cheap ebay ones ans they came up with VERY feint lines so i went out and bought the most expensive, clearblue digital and that comes up in words as pregnant so you can not misread it. i would def fork out for one of these as they can tell you 4 days before your period is due.
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