MIL doing my head in!

Hi ladies,

I really need to have a whinge about my MIL! She lives 100 miles away so, fortunately don't get to see her that often and most of the time we get on great! My parents live in America and I think she mothers me a bit more than my SILs because of that, despite being an independant person and looking after myself since I was 15!

Anyway, we spent christmas with her and FIL, and they also came to see us yesterday! (She gave us an hours notice, the house was a tip and hubby had to go to work so I had to jump out of bed on my one lie-in and clean...but that's another story for another day!) Over christmas and all day yesterday she kept saying "You're going to find it so hard!" and "You have no idea how hard it's going to be!" and "you're so not ready!" and "I give you a week before you're on the phone to me asking for help!"

This is my first baby, yes, I've got a lot to learn, yes, but come on! She basically thinks I'm going to be a failure!I 'm good with kids, I'm generally a well organised person and as an insomoniac, a crying baby will give me something to do instead of staring at the ceiling all night! I'm not saying I'm going to be perfect, I am going to find it hard, but I don't need her telling me that all the time! She's making me worry already about it, and I just don't think she's being fair!

I've tried speaking to hubby and he justs shrugs and says it is going to be hard! Or laughs!

aaaaargh, she makes me mad! My hubby is a twin and she always tells me how hard it was for her, and makes out they were the worst days of her life! I don't want to start life with my baby feeling negative! I'm trying to look forward to the arrival of my baby but she is just making me dread it!

Well, just wanted to get that off my chest!

Thanks for listening!

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