Hey girls am about 5wks pg, and have been getting af cramps for a a stitch pain has started to my left side and had a spot of brown blood!!! Am getting myself slightly worried and i know i shouldnt, but had an mc last month so really hard not to!!! Anyone had anything like this early on, advice appreciated!!! xxxxxx


  • Hi woomummy. I'm afraid I haven't had anything similar but maybe you should check with your Doctor. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about at all but as you've had a mc before it's probably best to check. You'll just worry otherwise. Big hugs xxxxx
  • I do get pains in my sides but nothing as strong as a stitch.

    If you are really worried contact your MW, but i'm sure everything will be fine, your body is going through so many changes so it's probably trying to work out whats going on and it's quite normal for old or brown blood to be expelled during early pregnancy.

    If the bleed gets heavier or you are doubled up in pain the maybe you should go to the hospital.

    I hope this has helped hun xx try not to worry yourself unnecassarily
  • hey woomummy - i'm sure everything will be ok but you could always call your early pregnancy unit to see what they say. too early to scan but they could test your blood hcg levels to check everything progressing as it should. I had these done around 5/6 weeks because of previous m/c and i found them really reassuring.

  • Hi hun... i got these pains till about 14 weeks on and off.. went for 2 scans cos of it in 1st 12 weeks cos I was crippled when I walked. They told me it was ligaments stretching, and cos I had 2 prev c-sections, it might have been worse cos of scar tissue. I didnt have any discharge or bleeding with it though?
    Maybe ring your m/w or early pg unit.. they might scan you cos of last months probs hun.. they still can see things at 5 weeks, just usually dont get heartbeat on screen till 6 weeks.
    Try and keep strong hun.. and as long as it was just a tiny bit brown, and no more, and not red, you should be fine.
    here if you need to chat.. or email me hun.
    just think of those boys in may at birmingham.. that will cheer you up lol
    caz xxxxx
  • Hey girls thanks for your replies, am thinking i may of over reacted, stitch pain went after bout 2hrs once i laid down and rested, slight cramping every now and then, but only if im sat there thinking about it if that makes sense!! Apart from the brown spec on my undies earlier, nothing else and discharge is clear..! Am guna see what the week brings i guess, have docs nx thurs and may be arranging an early scan then due to last months mc, and should be 7wks by the following week.

    Thanks caz i will try, wish i could put last month behind me, just keeps lurking, and i will, although at 7 months pg by then, knowing me il go into early labour!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • with my first i had pain and slight bleeding, at 6-8 wekks. when i got it checked out they decided it was just baby getting comfortable for the long strecth. and the cramps were due to the fluid that starts to stretch the body. it is always worth getting checked out if you are over worried. but i found the less i worried the less the pain was
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