pregnancy books????

now that i am finally pg i want to buy a good pg book.

which ones did you buy and are they any good???
there are loads around and dont know which one to get, so hoping someone can recommend a really good one.

thanks ladies


  • Well a good one is "pregnancy questions and answers" as it can answer all your niggles and questions but for baby development it not so good as it 4 weekly so ie 12, 16, 20 weeks so you don't see whats happening inbetween. Sorry not much use but hope you find a good one soon. Also congrats on pregnancy! Have a happy healthy nine months!

  • Hi l got a great 1 from the charity tommys. Its called Tommys guide to pregnancy and its free!It doesnt show you development pics but the info is great. Just go to their site and order one. Prima baby mag is gd for telling you what development the baby is at xxx Laura (23+5)
  • i have found the internet great, mums chat. also magazines are cool to. try looking in the libary.
    good luck image
  • I have the Jo Frost one it's really good, almost like you can hear her voice as your reading it.... I also have Miriam Stoppards first time parenting book, the practical parenting one and the baby journal which I write in every week :\)
  • I too bought OH the Blokes survival guide to pregnancy and myself a few serious ones for development etc. but the one I really like is Yummy Mummy's survival guide, a really helpful and humourous look at pregnancy and motherhood.
  • what to expect when youre expecting is supposed to be a good one kar. i read lots mags last time which i thought were great xx
  • Hey

    Sorry I'm gatecrashing fromthe baby forum! I had 'The Rough Guide To Pregnancy' by Kaz Cooke. It was the best thing I bought!!!! WHsmiths do it. It was really funny but loads of info aswell!! The free one from tommys was also good.

    Good luck!
  • For when you have had the baby the baby-whisperer by tracey hogg is great. Its full of advice and really practical tips
  • Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Pregnancy Bible is amazing tells you everything and has week by week about how your baby is developing with pics and then week by week about how your body changing and what to expect. Also really good sections about symptoms and issues like how to deal with heartburn and swollen feet right up to in depth about giving birth!

    Also brought hubby 'Blokes guide to Pregnancy' really funny book i hear him laughing i know he is reading it!!

    Laura 28+4 xxxxxxx
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