16 week check-question....

Hi ladies,

does anyone know whether you get to listen to the baby's heartbeat at your 16 week check with the midwife? Ive heard mixed things and I need to know by 3 pm today so I can let my husband know whether to come to the appointment with me lol!
I dont really see the point otherwise, if its just taking my blood pressure etc.

Thanks for reading!


  • We heard the heartbeat for the first time (aside from using our doppler at home) at my 16 week appt and I think this is pretty routine...

    Bec 31+5 x
  • My mw has never listened to my baby's heartbeat. I think they can if you ask though.

  • Mine didn't really want to but I made her! They will if you ask them xx K 20+1
  • Hi
    Mine did, my husband could not be there wish he had have been though, it was lovely to hear made me cry
  • Thanks girls, thats made me look forward to it even more now!
    I'll get him to come I think, even if its just to make him see how much poking and prodding I have to go through lol!

  • I am sure you can asked, i never had a 16 weeks app mine was at 18 weeks and she listened to it then not that she could find it silly women.

    K xx
  • My midwife has listened to baby's heartbeat at every appointment including the booking in appointment at 11 weeks. Couldn't believe she found it so early!! Definitely take hubby with you. My hubby managed to come with me yesterday and heard our baby for the first time and it was lovely xxxx
  • I did - she asked me first though as I was having the triple tests done that day and she didnt know if I wanted to wait until I had had my results back



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