wierd sensations-worried please help

hey girlies,
Im 32 weeks pregnant and i feel these really wierd sensations right at the bottom of my womb, near the opening, like my baby is trying to come out.
I need the toilet very reguarly, sometimes wen iv just been, i get there and i cnt pass any urine sometimes, but i feel the need to push.
Is everything ok?xxx


  • strange, i was just gonna post the same thing, i have been getting this today. it feels a bit like a pain too. im 33 weeks. been going to loo all day. yesterday i had what could be described as a really bad stitch. will be interesting to see what it is

  • yeh, exactly the same symptons, i had the stitch pain all over my left side last nite, had to go to bed as i was so uncomfy, i hope it doesnt mean early labour?xx
  • i posted yesterday and girls said i might have overdone it but i dont think so as i was only walking to work. god i hope its not labour!!!!!!!

  • do u no wot ur having?im having a boy.
    I wanna meet him but not yet, he needs 100 percent survival rate before he can come out to meet us lol.xx
  • Just thought id join this post coz me n OH had sex last night (sorry if tmi) but iv bin getting the same sort of sensation since early hours this morning, and iv bin backwards and 4wards to the loo all day. Sumtimes the pressure seems to be that strong that its quite painful. Im only 31 wks so i hope its not the start of labour. Kerry xxx

  • im having a girl, really nervous now. you got everything ready? we are about done now but dont want to meet her just yet!

  • oh i hope some one comes along with a solution, iv been all over the web and cant find an answer, maybe its completely normal. ahhh! kind of exciting tho hey xxx
  • yeah i think so, although i keep reading differnet things to pack in hosp bag, its so confusing. I really want my oh to stay with me on first nite in hosp but its not possible i dont think xx
  • Ahhh, i havent even started a hospital bag yet and the only thing i have for baby is its pram, cot, moses basket and car seat, oh and about two baby grows. Thing i shud get a move on and sort a hospital bag out, i havent even got any maternity pads or anything, im so unorganised. xxx

  • oh god i would be panicking if i dont sort it all out, do u no wot ur having kerrymc?either of u got names??xx
  • No i dnt know wat im having this time round and i think thats why i havent bought anything, coz i dnt like all the neutral stuff. I found out the sex wen i was having my son and everything was ready for him months in advanced, and im beginning to think now i should have found out with this one. 31wks just seems to have crept up on me and now im thinking sh*t i am really unprepared. Hope its not any sort of labour signs and i think tomorrow i shud go out and start buying supplies for my bag. Kerry xxx

  • Did u have any signs like this with ur son then?
    I dont think ur to unprepared hun, its just coz its my first so im trying to be perpared also im really excited.xx
  • No my son was so lazy i went 10days overdue and had to be induced, his head wasnt even engaged and i ended up having an emergency section, so i dnt actually know what it feels like to have that sort of pressure or go into labour naturally. xxx

  • oh i want to join in the excitment image but i'm only 23+1!! so have a way to go yet!! i am just loving my girl kick me i suppose that'll have to do for now!! good luck girls, i dont think ur going into labour though but still exciting! xx
  • With regards to the pressure inside ladies I spoke to my midwife about this last week as I have had this feeling for a couple of weeks now and she says that its your cervix starting to shorten ready for when you do go into labour! But she reassured me that it did not mean that lo will be early! Tammi xxx
    34 weeks today!
  • excellent thanku tamara, so we have nothing to worry about, its all just becoming more and more real now yey!xx
  • Well thats good news, but i dnt think i can hack this sort of pressure from now until the birth, its really really uncomfortable, i feel like a permanantly need to have my legs crossed to stop baby falling out, lol. Kerry xxx

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