I feel (updated)

absolutely horrendous today.
I can barely keep my head out of the toilet and cant keep anything down at all.
I feel dizzy so i'm trying to drink lots of water, but its proving a hard task.
I've had to ring in sick at work. I feel quite pathetic as dont want to ring in sick but i could't concentrate last week at work due to mausea, but this is worse. And as I'm a social worker I need to be on the ball, which I just dont feel.
Rang Gp this morning and got an emergency appointment for 4.40pm - will they be able to give me anything?
I'm so exhausted.

Was anyone else like this around the same time? (Also posted in August forum)


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  • Hi hun

    Sorry you are feeling so poorly, my sickness peaked about 10 weeks that was the worst I had felt. I felt great the last three days but this morning am so sick and feel awful. Got in work half an hour late and I kept stopping to be sick on the way in. So much for me posting I feel great!!!

    I really hope the doctor can help you to feel better soon.

    K xx
  • Thanks girls - I know its a good sign in a way that i feel awful but i want it to stop. feeling under pressure at work and guilty for phoning in sick.
    K - I kept having to pull over in the cra yesterday to be sick - not a good look!!


  • It's horrid eh. I am the same as you like I know this is a good sign but I just want it to all stop and go away ;-(

    I felt so great all of saturday I really thought I was over the worse of it. Having toget one of the girls to toast my hot cross buns for me as I can't stand up too long without feeling sick and I think I need to eat something.
    K xx
  • Hi girlies

    I don't know if its any help but after 26 weeks worth of morning sickness :roll: I have just lately realised that how I get up in the mornings makes a difference. If I wake up naturally and slowly get up, get showered, eat breakfast, get ready etc. (i.e weekends) I am not sick. On weekdays when I have to get ready quicker etc. for work and I wake up when our alarm clock goes off, my sickness is worse. I have NO idea why or how or if this is right, but it seems to make sense for me. I think its to do with body functions and body clocks and hormones etc...

    So if you can, wake up slower and take your time getting ready in the mornings and see if it makes a difference?

    Not much help if you work though I know...

    Joo xxx
  • Thanks Joo I think you are right. I get up and have a shower and that always makes me feel faint and then right from then i feelt rubbish. Might be an idea to shower the night before , just before i get into bed.

    K xx
  • thats a good idea Joo - not sure my boss would go for it though, but ill give it a try. hoping the doc has a miracle cure for me!!!

  • I am just going to try and wake up earlier so I can try and have breakfast and not rush about to get ready. I start work at 8-30 and it takes me an hour to get in sadly.

    K xx
  • its a good idea K-Lou, but I'm exhausted in the mornings and struggling to get out of bed. I hope it passes very soon!!

    Lisa 9+3
  • I hope it does too, I was just sat here thinking right I am going to bed at 8-30 or 9 o clock if I am going to get early LOL

    K xx
  • i was in bed at 9 last night - felt so tired.
    I suffer from anemia anyway so gonna ask doc if that could have something to do with it and maybe increase iron?
    good luck with the early nights!!

  • Hi ladies, i agree with you joo, i was being sick a lot worse on the days that i had to get up early and get ready fast etc im not sure why it is either but it is true.

    MrsN im not sure the doctor will be able to give you anything with you only being 9+3 weeks as you are just at the stage where sickness etc peaks and they usually wont give you any sort of medication until you are past 12/13 weeks (i could be wrong) but this is what doctors told me and a few other ladies i have spoke to... they just advise you on what we already know lol i.e eat ginger before you get out of bed, eat a little often etc etc.

    When i got to 18 weeks (a weeks and a half ago) i went back and told the doc i was feeling no better and only then (because i was past 16 weeks, when the sickness should have gone) did he agree to give me something.

    I hope you do have better luck with your doctor today and start to feel better soon.

    XxXxX Sarah 19+2
  • thanks sarah - ill just see what they say.
    i can handle it when im at home, but worried about work.
  • Try having a glass of coke by your bed overnight and then drinking it the next morning when its flat before you get out of bed. It should even out your blood sugar levels and hopefully if you can also get up slower will help. There is some evidence to suggest sickness is worst in mornings and evenings as your blood sugar is low so you could give it a try.
    MrsW 29+4
  • thanks for the tip - ill try the flat cke thing tonight

  • Ask your doctor for Phenegen tablets, they are a very low dosage travel sickness tablets. I was prescribed these by my doctor at about 10 weeks because I was suffereing from constant sickness and was losing weight because of just not being able to eat. I was getting worked up about feeling ill at work too because I am a teacher so there's nowhere to escape!! These really worked for me, and the doctor said that her sister had also had them when she was pregnant. The doctor also said it's better to treat it as early as possible because it just gets worse the later you leave it, and harder to treat!

    Hope this helps!
  • thanks hun - ill ask for them later.
    wont be bale to face work tomorrow if im like this - do they give you a sick note if yu ask for one? ive never needed one before
  • Been to the docs - she said I look dredful (cheers love).
    She said my bp was high, need bed rest, lots of water and if no better in a few days may need admission. Also said go to a&e if gets worse.
    Signed me off for 2 weeks.
    Work will not be happy and Im worried about that now.
  • MrsN, your work can do nothing about it, have you told them your pregnant. I have been off my work for 6 weeks my sick line is up on Thursday and all going well i am going back to work, my work where pleased but there is nothing that could be done.

    Hope you start to feel better over the next few days

  • Mrs N don't worry about work ( I know it's easy for me to say, but my hubby and I own our own company and we would no way be funny with staff when they are ill) you need to concentrate on yourself and having a rest.

    Take care
  • thanks thats reassurring. i just feel so guilty as my kids at work are so important to me.
    yep my boss knows im pregnant and im sure will be ok with it (bit tuff if not). im sure the two weeks rest will do me the world of good - hubby said he is pleased they have done it and says i need to listen to my body!!
    so off to put my feet up now - managed some toast for tea!!

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