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Hi girls
you might have all been on here already, but I just went on the website as it was in the news that they are doing very well (I work in the retail sector) so wanted to see what the fuss was about. Anyway, I discovered they do a maternity range and it's lovely! And not expensive.

These are now on my wish list!!!



  • I love asos i think its fab that trendy shops like newlook, topshop and asos are catering for us preggies!!


  • Wow i didn't realise asos did it. Thanks for the post moomin, you have fab taste in clothes i especially am in love with the dress but i have no where to wear it!!...

    Off to explore the asos maternity range some more......:\)

  • OMG im totally getting that white shirt, its gorg! thanks moomin

  • i love asos too! got my christmas dress there (before i had bump!) for ??15 and everyone loved it!

    the delivery is really quick.
  • Hi girls,

    Just wanted to say I've ordered a few things from the maternity section of ASOS and was a little disappointed. I ordered two dresses before christmas, both a size 16, one was more like a size 12, i couldn't get it over my tummy, and the other was like a size 20, was like a tent on me.

    But the biggest disappointment for me was that you have to pay for postage, which you don't get back if you return items AND you have to pay to post it back. All in, I was disappointed with the sizes and about ??6 / 7 down!

    Just wanted to warn you all before you buy anything!

    C. X
  • Bloody love ASOS! I often order stuff on there as do my friends and colleagues. Don't know aything about there maternity rnage yet but I know when I get bigger I will definitely order some stuff

    Not maternity related at all, but I hae found that their shoes don't seem to be uniform sizes. I am a 6 and I have found 6 too small, and 7 too big and too small. Shame as I really like their shoes!

    11+5 x
  • I got some jeans in the sale early Jan and they are lovely!! although size 8 is still quite big on me.... xx
  • Thank you. Didn't realise asos did maternity. Love the clothes, just need some money now. Ha! x
  • HA HA look at the 'veiw catwalk' on the 2nd dress, the bay leaf coulored one. that is so obviously a pillow shoved up there its hilarious. i am actually weeing myself laughing here!!!
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