first proper scan

Hi everyone, i had my appointment through for my scan this morning, its tuesday! im really nervous, i had one at about 6 weeks, i was having bad stomachs so it was just to see if everythings ok, Im now almost 14 weeks.

What can i expect, its the first scan really. They said on the letter, allow 2 hours, what could take this long? Ive met my midwife and talked and filled in forms and stuff. x


  • My first 'proper' scan was at 10wks 4 days (i say proper scan as i had an earlier one due to a bleed). The scan at 10wks 4 days was my 'dating scan' and it only took 5 minutes, 10 mins at most. All she did was check the number of babies (one!) and found the heartbeat and took measurements to tell me more accurately how many weeks pregnant i was. That was basically it.

    Ive got my anomoly scan on Monday so looking forward to that and hoping to find out the sex.:\)

    Good luck with your scan. xx


    19wks 1 day
  • 2 hours?! I think ours was 5-10 minutes for the dating scan. Even the 20 week scan was no more than half an hour if that!!

    Maybe you have to do your booking in appointment with the midwife afterwards - have bloods taken and so on. I've heard some people have that - but I had my booking in appt at home

    Good luck
  • thanks girls,well ive had my booking in thing, so it must be bloods and stuff that are going to take so long! argghh...didnt know the needles were going to start this early!lol!
  • get your bloods at 12 weeks and 28 weeks or theraebouts... or if you are unlucky like me, they screw up 2 of your blood samples - got them done again at 16 weeks, then again at 20 weeks cause they were screwed up again!!

    The first blood tests are to find out your blood group, to check for dodgy diseases I think your iron levels. Course - they managed to screw up my blood group one which was the important one!
  • i didnt have bloods done at hosp when i had my scan but i was lucky, i got a half hour 12week scan, cause i let a student scan me aswell as the proper woman who does the scans.
    i had my first bloods at 6weeks cause i have antibodys in my blood.

  • I was at my booking appointment for about 1 1/2 hours. 10 minutes getting the scan, half hour with the midwife and the rest of the time sitting around waiting to be seen. I didnt mind really because i was on cloud 9.

    One mistake i made before my scan was to drink too much water, I was in terrible pain with bursting bladder, and sorry if TMI, had to let some out, but its hard to empty half your bladder but I managed it. When I went in for my scan I had to empty some more because all the sonographer could see was my bulging bladder.

    The moral of that story is, dont drink 2 pints of water 1/2 an hour before you leave the house.
  • It might be that you have an appt with the midwife afterwards or that they are predicting long waits due to it been busy. There will be a huge difference in this scan to ur 6wk one where u prob cudn't tell it was a baby. Hopefully ull get a profile view (if baby is been good) and it will actually look like a little person u will be amazed. Kerry x
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