Anyone just watched this mornin? Poor baby.

I feel so sorry for that baby. ow could they be so stupid??? All those people smushed into 1 bed with a baby...something was bound to go wrong.

I must admit that my lo slept with me a couple of times while breastfeeding, but it was just me and her and I put he over to the other side of the bed near the wall so I couldn't suffocate her.

Why don't people just think a little...then it wouldn't have happened. By the way I'm guessing the mother had a few beers at the BBQ aswell.


  • why what happend? not seen it
  • There was a mother on this morning where her baby died while they were sleeping in bed due to asphyxiation. There was the mother, her 2 daughters and the grandmother and the 8 week old baby all in one bed!!!

    The mother, baby and 2 daughters stayed over at the grandmother's house and awoke in the morning to find the baby blue and not breathing. The postmortem said baby died of either over heating, suffocation or both. Poor thing.

    The corinor (sp??) was livid and said how many more cases does he have to see of this before something is done to stop babies dieing like this. The mother is pregnant again due in March. I hope she will be more careful with this baby.

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  • I have just got the JoJo Maman Bebe catalogue through and you can buy something that goes in your bed if you want them in with you that keeps the baby safe!
    I never saw it but where the hell was their common sense - that poor baby! You would have through that the grandmother might have had a brain cell if the mother didnt!
  • Exactly! The mother looked pretty dazed and out of touch with reality. I do feel sorry for her tho...couldn't imagine how it would feel to lose a baby so suddenly.

    Ours is going in a crib next to our bed until 6 months or so then in the big cot my daughter had. We've never used a crib before. Think they are more substantial than a moses basket as they are like mini cots really. Got ours from mothercare they also cost about the same as a moses basket, but are safer as they are off the floor. I just don't trust moses baskets on a stand tho...better off on the floor. they just look so flimsy like they'll topple over.

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  • I am going to try and put baby straight into cot - it worked with my 2nd baby but will have to have a rethink (very quickly) if lo doesnt settle!
  • You could try putting a soft bumper round the top of the cot so it doesn't feel so big and open to the baby. I'm sure it'll be fine though. I put my first straight into a cot during the night and moses basket on the floor during the day in the living room.

    I felt a bit detached from the baby during the night tho because the cot was too big to fit next to the bed so had to go on the otherside of the room. That was the only thing. I found myself getting up in the night to check the baby wasn't covering her head or that she was still breathing lol. That's why I think it would be easier to have crib right next to the bed so I can just lean over and check on the baby or just grab him/her easily to breastfeed in the night etc etc..
  • lol was going to set cot up and put moses basket in cot so tehy get used to the cot image i really can't understand how a mother with 2 other lil one and pregnant could think that a baby would be safe with 4 ppl and a bump! different if alone in bed just you and baby as you are usually aware of things but to put baby in that situation is just murder in itself! whether she meant it or not!
  • Oh, I love cribs! I want one so much but my boyfriend has persuaded me that a moses basket is more practical as you can move it around easily & put it in the cot. I saw a gorgeous glider crib in mothercare & am gutted I'm not allowed it...oh well he is paying I suppose.

    Anyway - that is awful with the baby dying. I roll around at night and no way would I put him in the bed. I would be happy putting him in the bed with my oh in the mornings (he works nights) as he never moves lol...but I know what I'm like, I'll be checking every 5 seconds he's still breathing lol.

    I do feel for the mother but I think she should have been more careful. It's like the baby who was killed by the rottweiler a few weeks ago, again I really feel for them but at the same time who leaves a baby alone with 2 little kids and a violent dog?
  • I watched it, and i felt really sorry for the mum losin her baby like that but then it also annoyed me cos there are so many warnings everywhere saying don't sleep with ur baby especially if u've been drinking etc, what was she thinking?!
  • i saw it, i mean omg it was so sad. tears starting roling. but in my opinion it is so sad, but i dont think it was completely the mothers fault, why the hell did she put he baby in the bed with her epecially when it was so jam packed? but i heard them mention something about youths crashing the bbq and that they were scared etc, or something im a little ocnfused at that. why was she staying there???
    why didn't she go home or if she knew she was staying there bring a travel cot or i heard hersay ' there was no room for the pram' well then she should have sleep on the sofa with the babie falt asleep in its pram right? wouldnt take have made more sense, i understand the whole room temp thing it is hard for mums to judge exactly what is right, but after having another kid already you think she woul have some idea?????

    hey i might be completely out of order, but for me my bay will never sleep in bed with me or OH purely because the Oh rolls around like a fucking ball at night and secondly because i don't want my child growing up in mummy and daddys bed, i think they need to be in their own cot or bed form point a. does that make sense to you guys or am i just naive first timer???
  • That's true they need to sleep in their own bed and get used to it, if they don't know any different how can they want different?

    Last lo - 2 year old slept through the night from 4 weeks old. We made sure she was washed, changed, fed and loved. Then it was lights out - pitch black and she was off like a light. She slept from 7-7 every night because we got her into this routine and she didn't know any different.

    She still sleeps right through the night now, the only time she wakes up is if she's not well. In which case one of us goes in her room sleeps on the pull-out bed under her bed and stays with her during the night.
  • thats really cute yummy made me feel all gooey hope mine learns that! if they are anything like their dad they'll sleep like the dead! lol he's awful fidget at night so wouldn't bring bubba into bed! he's adament from 6 wks baby is in own room hahaha i think not! i'm hoping to breast feed so bubba needs to be near momma bear! lol papa bear can buggar off to lounge and sleep if he has problem! hahahaha
  • I have been guilty of putting mine in bed with me when I was single and shattered but NEVER EVER in circumstances like that, ie that amount of people (there was only me) AND/OR drink and I did make a little nest in the middle of the bed! That is what I meant by common sense!
    I would love a crib but havent got the room - have got to get rid of my furniture as it is to fit a cot in!
  • i never saw it,but that poor baby.
    my first never slept in my bed at all, i always worried cause my boyfriend dusnt stay still and im quite a deep sleeper, i always worried that somethin would happen to my little girl.
    this baby will be in a moses basket in our room but will not be in the bed with us.

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