Evening ladies!
I've recently been given some rave reviews from friends about babywearing/slings etc and was thinking about looking into it a bit more for when this little one arrives, not least because it may make things easier whilst having a newborn and a 16 month old to run around after! I just wondered if any of you knew much about it or had any good recommendations on websites that I could get some more info from?

Carly 16+3 xxx


  • i had a freedom sling when grace was 1st born but couldnt get used 2 it,she didnt feel supported to me!!theres another which looks really good,cnt remember the name now but its kinda stretchy n wraps round you and baby.Il get back to you if i find the name!!
  • close baby carrier it is the one im on about!if you google im sure you will find the website xxx
  • Hi Carly - your post caught my eye as I've been researching this myself this afternoon. I have a normal baby carrier and a sort of pouch sling. I go out for a walk every day with my baby (6 weeks) in the normal carrier and I can't recommend it highly enough - she's either asleep in it from the moment I put her in, or awake and just making little content noises to herself.

    I tried her in the sling for the first time today and although it hurt my shoulder a bit, I had her in there for about 4 hours and she was happy as larry. When she woke for a feed I just put her on the boob still in the sling, so I still had both hands free.

    Really sorry, I don't have any recommendations of sites which is what you actually asked for, but just wanted to add to your friends' rave reviews and say I'll be keeping an eye on this post as I'm also interested.
  • Oh meant to add - I find that the carrier is better for out and about as the weight is evenly distributed, but the sling is better for around the house as it's much less of a faff to put on.
  • my sister is into this big style. oddly enough my parnter and i were talking about this before as someone made a comment on my sister photo saying ' should you be wearing him so soon after a c-section'
    babies arnt items of clothing so why say wearing him?

    slings do look useful and it depends on what type you want, fabric, fleece, self tie ones etc.
  • I have an ergo baby carrier and I love love love it. It is suitable from 6 months + BUT you can buy an infant insert to make it more padded for a newborn. (Not sure how good it is though, because I only got it when Lo was 7 months, before that I had a cheap baby carrier from lidl). It is the easiest thing ever to put on, I just hold Lo on my front with his hips spread apart and pull the straps over my shoulders then fasten a clip behind me. I can carry him comfortably around the house for ages but when I'm out and walking, half hour is the maximum really but then he is 20lbs and I 'wear' him on my can use it on the back too, which is easier, but I havent mastered getting him up there alone yet! xx
  • i think they have these slings at tk max on sale reduced from ??49 to ??19 they have lots of trendy fabrics to choose from too
    claire xx
  • hi Carly

    i got given an upright carrier where you wear the baby on your front either facing towards you when very little, or looking out from you when they're a bit bigger. a lot of folk have said they're very good, but i was also told they're not the best for when the baby is very little as it puts too much pressure on their hips and spine, so i've also just bought a sling style one, called 'babasling'. i heard the closer-to-you ones are very good as well.

    the babasling one says on the website you can breastfeed when the baby is in them, a friend who had one told me that's true as long as your boobs aren't too big!!! then there's not enough room... fine for me though, i'm excited about the fact I've gone up to a C cup now and might even make D before the end :lol:

    aileen xx

  • Just thought I'd share this:

    There are more on Born in Dec '08 if you're interested.
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