Clear, slimey discharge (tmi sorry!)

Hi ladies, hope ur all well,

Since last night i've had a clear slimey discharge, it doesn't smell at all, and it basically covers the tissue when i wipe, have to wipe a few times and even then it still feels wet/slimey down there (sorry for tmi!!)

Could this be my waters breaking??
Putting off phoning hosp AGAIN! think they will be fed up of me soon so thought i'd ask u guys first!

I had a show over a week ago now so i know labour isn't far away, had sex last night to try and speed him up as i'm fed up now! but its definately not sperm!!

Any advice?????

Samantha 37+1


  • it sounds like a little more show to me, it sounds as if you are doing everything right, i would just try to relax & wait for things to happen it doesnt sound as if it be much longer

    Good luck xx
  • forgot to say that i have period type pains at the moment too!!
  • well since the show i've had very strong braxton hicks as well as period type pains, didnt get much sleep last night due to braxtons AGAIN! now since getting up i've had constant period pain, gets alittle worse now and again but nothing like braxtons! Trying not to get my hopes up though because all week i kept thinking its started and then it stops, but surely its gotta be soon!!!
  • Hey!
    I am a midwife and it sounds like your body is getting ready for labour. The problem is, is that you can have a show and then it can be a couple of weeks before you go into labour! So just get lots of rest, eat and drink properley and make sure your bag is packed!!
    Good luck my lovely!
  • thanks Kate, thats what i wanted to hear!! Nice to have a midwife on here, your going to be very popular!! lol
    Keep you all posted
  • good luck samanthaJ i'm sure it'll be fine i'm really excited for you as it'll be a lovely xmas present image i'm jealous of you lol
  • well still no baby but pains are getting worse and my boobs have been leaking milk constantly today, slightly embarrassing when my brother in law was here earlier and i had failed to notice the 2 patches of milk on my top!!! lol
    Never mind, i'm praying tonight is the night i really can't take this anymore!!!
    So fed up!! still not here! still got pains-can't sleep-not eating properly!!! I GIVE UP!!!!
  • Hi Samantha. I know exactly how you feel hun.

    Same is happening to me. discharge, period pains etc. Been going on since saturday and i am seriously struggling to cope now. I'm only 34 weeks so not sure wot i should be doing but i am so sick.

    Good luck hun xxx
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