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Sorry if this is a really obvious question, but Im not sure what to do. Ive only just started having blonde highlights put into my hair as it took me ages to get my old coppery brown hair colour our and my hair light enough for me to be able to do it, so I'm really really happy with my new lighter locks! But now Im 6 weeks pregnant and my mousey roots are coming through, Im unsure if I can even go to the hairdresser to get more put in?! I was hoping to get more put in and go totally blonde for the summer. Do you think I can still do this or do you think I should just get some henna dye or something and go to my natural colour to stop my roots showing and cover the blonde while Im pregnant?


  • Hey there stranger !

    I'm having the same debate ! When we started TTC I went brown but DH is dying (!) for me to go back to blonde but I'm not sure if its safe. I am going to ask my hairdresser but can't yet as we haven't told anyone !!!

    K xxx
    12 weeks today
  • hey

    Im natually brown but have been having full head blonde highlights for about 2 years, i love being blonde and couldnt imagine not having it done, my hairdresser said i could still have my highlights done, ive been having them done every 5 weeks as normal, So id say have it done!
    Jennie 34+6
  • I think it is safe, its just that when you are pregnant something happens to the pigment in your hair which means the dye might not take as well (someone please correct me if I'm wrong!!)
    I dye my hair red and it has been fine

  • I think that as long as the colour is not right onthe scalp ( as with home all over colour) Yo should be ok, I've hadfoil highlights through out both my pregnancies, just make sure your hairdresser does know.
  • Hello there, just butting in from baby! when i was preg i asked my hairdresser the same question cos i was having highlights at the time. It is perfectly safe to have your hair dyed when pregnant esp foil highlights as the bleach doesnt actually touch the scalp. She advised me not to put a dark colour on my hair though as when you are preg it can take too much and you can end up with jet black hair...just cos you are preg doesnt mean you have to look bad!

    Good luck with your pregnancies and i look forward to seeijng you on baby!!!
    HTH Lauren:\)
  • Ooh - that's fab - I think I'll make an appt with my hairdesser for a few week. DH will be so pleased ! LOL
  • Hi Smithyswife, i am actually a hairdresser and it`s perfectly safe to have hi-lites while you are pg because no colour comes into contact with the scalp. If it was an all over colour you were having then you would have to be a bit careful because of the ammonia and peroxide levels being applied to the scalp ie semi`s are ok because they just lie on top of the hair. Your body has obviously changed since becoming pg though and you can become allergic to anything ay any time so if you are going to nhave bleach, then while your colour is developing just keep an eye on yourself but if you1ve never had a prob with colour before then i`m sure you`ll be fine. Sorry about the essay!!!! x
  • Its fine just as long as the bleach does not touch your scalp, I spoke to my hairdresser who said its fine, They need doing again but am skink at mo so it will have to wait. I got hair done 6 days prior to me finding out I was actually pregnant and all is ok. If you are unsure ask LH86 she was a hairdresser, I have seen her post about this before.


  • Its fine to colour your hair when pregnant - as long as youre in a well ventilated area. With Highlights the colour doesnt touch your scalp anyway so its absolutely fine. I usually bleach my hair and did this before I even knew i was pregnant but since i found out i have gone a little darker to a more natural blonde. Ive coloured my hair loads of times since being pregnant and its been fine. It may just take a little differently thats all as the chemistry in your hair changes.


  • I heard it's basically dangerous if you absorb any of the colour - so when colour goes onto your scalp - this is bcos hairdye is a chemical, so you wouldnt want this to be passed to your baby!

    Personally I am avoiding anything that is thought to be not safe.

  • This is a very interesting topic - since becoming pregnant, (Im 28 weeks now) my hairdresser has said it is not safe and has done my highlights as usual, but with not as much strength - if you know what I mean! They didnt last very long at all as Ive only been having them done every 10 weeks. My roots look soo bad and I am also going very grey !! Ive got naturally dark hair but have it highlighted blonde. So Im going to make an appointment and tell her what you have all said, as I feel bad with bad, horrilbe hair !!

    Sorry to highjack your thread popsicle! Hope you're feeling well

  • Wow thanks for all the replies!
    Hi smithyswife - I know I havent been on here nearly as much as I want - Ive been coming home from work and literally exhausted going straight for a nap or doing other things before going to bed early! The joys of early pregnancy - good isnt it?!
    No probs lilac - you should go tell her - or change hairdresser! ;\)

    Well it sounds like I'll be fine to have my blonde highlights for the summer and I have noticed when my hairdresser puts them in that she never touches the scalp and I dont have any other colour in at the moment so Im just going to go for it! Ill tell the hairdresser though - I know it'll make her day and the news will get her all excited as we were talking babies last time without me even telling her we were ttc!

    Thanks Girls

  • Hi I used to dye my hair but have let it grow out a year ago and now Im very happy with my mousy natural hair and actually it goes a nice golden colour in the summer. glad i dont have this dilemma althoug sounds like its safe enough xx
  • ignore thought it was a question about hair dye not highlights ;\)

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  • There are safe hair colourants you can use, I'm going to talk to my hairdresser as I had my hair highlighted three weeks ago and later that night was the first time I had any pregnancy symptoms! Don't want nasty roots thank you, no baby wants a daft-looking mum, do they? I love my highlights, and I'm not going to go without them! I'm planning to either take my hairdresser's advice (eg. if she says it's ok because it doesn't touch the scalp, that's great) or ask her if she'll use these colourants on me:

    They're not too expensive either, a little more than home colours usually cost, but I'm not too fussed! Hopefully my lovely hair dresser will give me some good advice, but it's always good to have a backup plan! x x x
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