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Scared of morning sickness, unrationally scared ??

Well as some of u may know, im a newbie, 4 weeks pregnant and still on total shock !
Since the minute we found out i am consumed with thoughts of morning sickness,
i cant even think about being pregnant if that makes sence, its ALL i can think about .
Its a thing iv had all my life the fear of vomit/ vomiting and it does effect every day in some way and i do have loads of avoidance habits,
but i dont think i can avoid this,can i ??
its like its gonna happen to me and there is nothing i can do about it, its like waiting for a bomb to go off all the time, its so so scary and i am obsessed with it,
not how i want to feel at all, i should be exited, not scared of eating or smelling anything just in case !
I told my doctor all about it and he has referred me to a phsycotherapist, my appointment is next friday and i think he mentioned CBT, wot ever that is.
Basically why im writing this is, is there anyone of here who has han no sickness ? ? ?
I can deal with feeling sick, but being sick is another thing altogether, my mum told me last night she was never actually sick but felt it alot, so will i follow suit ?
Who knows, i just no i need to chill out, im sorry if i seem ungratefull for being preggers, im trully not, im just a freak i guess :roll:

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  • hi

    i'm one of those who hasn't had any sickness at all, not even feelings of nausea, so not sure how to deal with morning sickness, but just to let u know not everyone gets morning sickness, but unfortunately there is no way in telling whether u will or not, everyone, and every pregnancy is different. fingers crossed u get away with it


  • Hi there...CBT stands for cognitive behaviour therapy. I think its alot of talking about your feelings and digging deep to found out what started your negative feelings etc... Not entirely sure but look it up. At least your gp helping you already to combat it.

    Sorry you're feeling worried about the sickness side. I found out i was pregnant at 4 weeks then at 6 weeks i did feel poorly. I was never physically sick just felt queasy...whilst there are alot of people that are sick some just have the feelings.

    Congtrats on the pregnancy...hope it all goes well x
  • Hi, i hope you dont suffer from sickness during your pregnancy! but when i was pregnant with my 1st i hated being sick, i was terrified at the thought of being sick so much that i cried, i ended up having morning sickness really bad but somehow i coped as i knew that i would soon have a beautiful baby at the end of it. and this sounds weird but you kind of get used to it untill it doesnt bother you so much.

    sorry that probably wasnt what you wanted to hear, but im sure if you do get sickness you will cope alot better than you think will x
  • Please dont avoid food, that can do opposite. A lot of morning sickness is caused by low blood sugar levels. Go for bland food, little and often.
  • hi siany,
    Fingers crossed i will be like u, it gives me hope !!
    Thanks lixiedixie,
    Who knows i may well have no fear then once they have finished with me, fingers crossed, plus queasy i can manage lol, than u 4 the congratulations, right back at ya xx.
    Hannah t & b,
    U might b right, i guess at 30 i should grow up and deal with it lol millions of women cope why am i so freakish?
    U r right i have realised that today, i think actually i remember u from yyw last yr am i right?? I was Angel4 on there !

  • Yep, I'm a yayw graduate. Married May 07. xxx
  • Hi there

    Sorry for gate crashing this forum - I am not actually pregnant at the moment but your post caught my eye.

    I have the same phobia and it is a complete nightmare! I can really empathise with you. I don't think people can fully understand a severe phobia unless they have one.

    I fell pregnant in May this year and before that I was really worried about morning sickness but knew that I would go through anything to have a baby. Sadly I lost the baby at 10 1/2 weeks but I never had any morning sickness while I was pregnant. I had a little bit of nausea but wasn't actually sick. So it doesn't happen to everyone!

    Although morning sickness is common, most people who have it just feel sick and aren't actually sick. And my doctor also told me that it is more likely to run in families so it's great news that your mum didn't have morning sickness (neither did my mum - only nausea).

    CBT is cognitive behavioural therapy and is the most effective way to treat phobias. Good luck with it - I really hope it helps you. I see a psychologist and she said to me that many people she knows have been cured of their phobia through being pregnant and morning sickness because you just have to deal with it (I know that's easier said than done).

    Try and think that you're going to have a wonderful baby at the end of this and any suffering will be worth every minute. Also, perhaps you can have some measures in place to try and prevent it or to deal with feelings of nausea should they arise - that way you'll feel like you're more in control and doing something positive to try and prevent it. Make sure you eat small meals at regular intervals. Morning sickness is worse when you're hungry or have low blood sugar levels. Try and eat a snack before going to bed and sit up slowly in bed before getting up in the mornings and eat a dry cracker first thing too. Have some mints on hand too as these are good for nausea.

    Good luck with it all.

    Take care, NN xx
  • You are not alone. I have had this fear for years and it controls my life at times. I am now 20 weeks pregnant and I have not been sick. Yes I felt it but to be honest my body is so well trained not to be sick that at times I wish I did not the phobia as the release of feeling sick would be lovely!! I constantly avoid foods that could make me sick even more so now that i am pregnant. I live by peppermint chewing gum that always helps to relieve any sicky feeling so keep that at hand and ready salted crisps!!
    My fear is more of others vomiting. How I will cope with my childs vomit I have no idea. So many tell me its different when its your own but I am terrified. I don't mind baby puke as its just milk!!
    I have not had therapy (well I saw someone once who said I was a control freak hence the fear!!). I hope it works and would be interested if it does.
    Fear of vomit is called Emataphobia and is the 5th most common phobia. There are lots of people out there with the same fears....
    Gross... horrid stuff.
    Don't feel alone. You (or anyone!) are welcome to email me if you need to down load to someone who knows exactly what you feel.
    take care xx
  • Hi there

    Didnt want to r & r.
    I wasnt sick with my last pregnancy, and I am now nearly 7 weeks pregnant. I havent had any sickness yet.
    Not everyone gets it, hope this helps in some way.

    Best of luck and sending big hugs xx
  • Mrsclaretweeze,
    I too am a May 07 bride (5th) !
    Whoo this is spooky lol x x.
    so sorry to hear your news, i can tell u understand me, they beta not say im a control freak, coz i know i am already lol.
    Fingers crossed this CBT willl work, i guess really now is the right time to get this under control,something i shold have dont yrs ago really, im with you on little and often with eating, actually its happening naturally atm, i eat a little and then without warning BAM, Im starving, so my be i have my own built in defence mechanismimage.
    good luck sweet heart and thanks x
    Hooray 4 liitlep,
    well done 20weeks and no sick whoop thats ace!
    Iv trained my body well too, people say u cant but i know i have,thought it was just me.
    Iv got the gum ready and already last week i got a huge bag of salt and vinegar crisps, thats my anti thing lol.
    Oh God yea im terrible about others doing it, and do worry about how i will cope, as u say tho, baby puke is nothing, everyone waits for me to freak when babys do it near me but its nothing to me that,i know its just extra milk, its as soon as they get on solids,im off.
    I will defo let u know how it goes, it could be something i wish id done yrs ago.I will email you and let u know and thank u x
    Thanks Lilac210,
    heres hoping, good luck and big hugs back, to everyone and thanks for taking the time out to understand xx

  • hi hun, i too have a phobia of being sick, and before i started ttc i read up on every remedy possible for it. when i fell pg in april this year i didn't get any morning sickness which i was very relieved about but then i had a missed miscarriage. i'm not saying the two were related, but this time round i've been wanting to have morning sickness, as much as i hate feeling/being sick!! all my life i have tried to stop myself being sick, and as a result i'm very fussy about hygiene, foods etc, and hadn't been sick for 13 years until the other week when I somehow came down with a stomach bug. whilst it was awful at the time, it wasn't as bad as i had imagined it to be. i think i must have had bad experiences of being sick when i was young (i'd had visions of not being able to breathe etc!).

    since then i haven't actually been sick but have felt nauseous every now and then, sometimes i thought i was going to be sick but wasn't. i use the travel sickness bands, drink ginger tea and eat plain biscuits when i'm feeling nauseous.

    you might not get it though - many people don't have morning sickness and some just get the nausea part.

    good luck hun xxx
  • I cant R&R .. Im 6/7 weeks now and I was also a bride on Y&YW, was married 18th May 07!!

    Soooooooo spookey lol

    I felt really sick at 4 and 5 weeks but like most on this thread I stopped myself being sick - I cant stand being sick.

    Fingers crossed everyone.
  • Suzie woo, we got married on the same day! xx
  • mrsclaretweeze, I thought I had seen your name! How funny! Has anyone seen **Jules** or Nik on here? I dont meant to hijack the thread :\(

  • Suziewoo hi.
    I was Angel4 this is fab !!
    wedding buddies now babybuddies, so glad u managed to hold it in lol, thats wot i will be doing although im 5 weeks monday and none yet, its just the anticipation atm lol
  • mrs_e,
    so so sorry to hear about your mc.
    I to am fussy about germies yuk!
    im going to get the bands just in case they seem to help lots of ladies!
    good luck and thanks xx

  • I felt sick before I knew I was pregnant and then vomited everyday from 6 wks to 14wks.... not what you wanna hear I suspect!! Honestly though it isn't that bad, I always felt much better once I had been sick and found feeling sick was much worse.

    I don't like being sick on my own, always felt like I was choking and I used to get really upset - but my hubby can't stand anyone vomiting without wanting to be sick himself, so often I was left to my own devices. I was often sick at work as well, so it was dreadful and I hated being left alone

    You could be lucky and not get any. But to forewarn you just because you don't get morning sickness, labour and pain relief often makes people sick

    Good luck xxx
  • You poor thing, totally understand as i'm another freak with this phobia!!! I haven't been sick for approx 16yrs as have trained my body too!!! I'm currently about 6 weeks pg and haven't felt or been sick, so like you am praying that i'll be ok. For me its the not being able to breathe thing and its just so disgusting!! I even hate the noise for peats sake!!! I've told my h2b that when the baby sick turns to adult looking sick, he's gonna have to deal with it cos i just can't do it. I'm a nurse and on a couple of occasions my colleagues have had to come and rescue me as i was on the verge of being sick, along with the patient, lol. I don't do that kind of nursing anymore thank god!!

    Good luck, fingers crossed we'll be ok :\)
  • it might not happen babe, i was sick with my first but i wasnt sick at all with my second, and fingers crossed 36+2 weeks pregnant my third and iv still not been pregnant x
  • I am lucky and haven't had any sickness at at all. Not everyone gets it and of the people that do, more people just feel it rather than actaully being sick. They recommend you eat little and often as that keeps your blood sugar stable and fends off the sickness.

    I hope you areo ne of the lucky ones that doesn't get it though xx Good luck on Friday xx

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