Scan date 4th November...

Hello ladies,

I finally got my 12 week scan date for the 4th November..but I'm so nervous... I've already had three mc's and am so worried..what if there is nothing there at the scan..i keep thinking horrid thoughts..

On a lighter note..I was lying down lasr night and felt a slight thump in my belly..could baby be moving already..

Thanks xxximage


  • how exciting getting to see your baby bean. i know how you feel being anxious though. i had my mc in july and im now 6 wks pg and getting an early scan on the 3rd nov to make sure all is ok. i am thrilled to be pg but im now worried that the sac will be empty like last time and i will be so let down. and i dont want to let my husband down either.

    on the lighter note it could have been baby, its usually about 16-20 wks most people feel 1st movements but have read other ones on here convinced they felt theres much earlier than this x
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