Anterior placenta and feeling movement- your experiences

Hi- I found out a couple of weeks ago that I have an anterior placenta and that this could mean I would feel the baby move less/ later. I was just wondering when those of you also in the same position first felt movement and when you started to feel proper kicks? I thought I felt a couple of flutters/ movements over the last few weeks but haven't felt anything for a while and now am starting to doubt myself. I'm currently 20+6, have my 20 week scan later today so will be able to find out whether everything is ok. I'm so desperate to feel movement and it makes me sad when another post in DIO (my month) is about whether your partner has felt movement yet and lots have.

Just interested in others experiences really, Thanks xx


  • hey I have an anterior placenta and felt regular movement from 16 weeks BUT my mw said it can depend on a lot of factors like where placenta is in relation to bubs (for example it might be anterior high/low or slightly over to one side) and also how active your baby is- mine has been so so wriggly at every scan and mw's had great difficulty getting a hb earlier on because bubs would move around so much. This also caused problems checking all the measurements and my NT scan had to be more an educated guess than an exact measurement because of this. My hubby first felt movement at 19 weeks but then didnt feel it again for ages as baby seems to like playing games with Daddy lol. Dont worry onces it starts becoming more defined you'll feel it all the time- I got woken at 3 am 5 am and 7 am by my whole belly shuddering and shaking- and now apparently its playtime again image

  • hey there
    I have anterior placents 'mid' which means it's right bang in the middle of my tummy - I have definitely had problems feeling movement because of it, more in it's variability - I first felt bubs at 18 weeks but then it was very very sporadic and I could go days without feeling anything in between - it became more regular at about 24 weeks but even then very sporadic and variable - I am now 33 weeks and still have problems some days, some days my whole belly is going and others I dont feel anything at all, I get extra monitoring because of it - not to scare you cos i have also had other probs eg bleeds etc, and baby is absolutely fine on all tests, but just to say don't worry if you have similar experiences of movement being a bit later or sporadic because that is also completely normal - at my antenatal classes the past few weeks there are three of us with anterior placenta at about 30-33 weeks stage, and all of us still have much less movement than the other girls.
    T 33+4
  • hey, i have an anterior placenta too, ive just started the past two weeks feeling definate kicks, before it was every now and again, when i was at mw at 28 weeks she asked about movement i said i dont feel it very much, compared to sum other people at similar timed pregnancys as a few of my mates on facebook are preg and they always have status updates saying how much movement they get. mw said alot of people exaggeratw as babys spend alot of the time to sleep, and that i shud learn my babys movements and count how many i get aday. 29+6
  • hey, i have an anterior placenta too, ive just started the past two weeks feeling definate kicks, before it was every now and again, when i was at mw at 28 weeks she asked about movement i said i dont feel it very much, compared to sum other people at similar timed pregnancys as a few of my mates on facebook are preg and they always have status updates saying how much movement they get. mw said alot of people exaggeratw as babys spend alot of the time to sleep, and that i shud learn my babys movements and count how many i get aday. 29+6
  • I have an anterior placenta and I think I first felt movements at around 21 weeks, but the movement has been quiet sporadic. I didn't feel any flutters, I felt kicks straight away but they felt like muscle twinges in my stomach.

    I'm now 25 weeks and both me and hubby and seen my belly move where she kicks me, but she still gets into positions some days where I can't feel her very much and then other days she'll be wriggling all day.

    I'm not sure where exactly my placenta is but I have a feeling it's high anterior as I have a spot on the doppler where I can't really hear her hb.

    Kat xx
  • Hi, i also have an anterior placenta. I found out at my 20 weeks scan, but i had already been feeling kicks and flicks since around 16 weeks by then. I asked the sonographer and she kind of dismissed an anterior placenta being a problem with feeling movements, but a lot of ladies do seems to feel movement a bit longer. IN the early stages i only felt taps and kicks anyway, not real movement of the baby within my belly, that came a bit later x
  • I have had one with both baby's. I didn't feel dd move till 24 weeks and she was never really an active baby. I felt this little one move at 22 weeks but it didn't get regular until 28 weeks and since then he has been unbelievably active!!

    34+5 xx
  • Hi,

    I have an anterior placenta that is fairly high up. I didn't feel flutters really, but started getting a prodding feeling about 19 weeks and from about 20-21 weeks definate movement. My OH could feel movement when he pressed on my belly from 23 weeks and we've been seeing bubs move about from about 25-26 weeks.

    Bubs is a bit of a wriggler and likes being low down, so when he's in the mood I do get a lot of wriggles, flip and prods and lots of bladder-bouncing and the occasional 'uterus as a punchbag'.

  • i have posted alot on this - i have a high anterior placenta and didnt feel baby move until i was over 22 weeks and it was very 27 weeks i still wasnt having alot of regular movement but private growth scans (bump also wasnt growing) and a trace at triage all showed an active baby - by 28/29 weeks i was feeling it more and seeing my belly move and hubby could feel it too -once i past 30 weeks baby became very active with their peak about 32 weeks....

  • Hi fellow DIO, I also have an anterior placenta and just wanted to post to you on here to reassure you that you are not on your own in the October group, I have had one kick so far about a week ago, I used to get flutters of an evening every few days but I have felt no movement at all since last Wednesday, I know how worying this can be but I have tried not to get bogged down with it all, reading from all the other anterior posts I know that this is normal....... heres to both of us feeling lots and lots of kicks in the weeks to come xxx
  • Thanks everyone for posting, it's made me feel much better knowing that it's normal not to have felt much movement at this stage with an anterior placenta. I had my 21 week scan yesterday so know bubs is doing just fine, wriggling around and standing on his (yes his!) little head. Was measuring perfectly for my dates so everything is ok. Will just have to develop a bit of patience I think when it comes to the movement!

  • i have an anterior placenta, and i didnt even know until last week and im 33 weeks! it never affected me at all, i was feeling movements very early (is my second) and regularly from 15/16 weeks+. personally i think its all down to each woman and each baby. x
  • This is just for anyone reading who was researching anterior placentas etc like I was when I first found out and was worried about not feeling movement.

    I'm 19weeks with my first, anterior placenta, slim/normal build and I started feeling what I thought were flutters at 16weeks, only to dismiss it as a mistake when told by u/s operator that my placenta position meant I wouldnt feel baby til much later. I thought I felt some kicking at the start of 18weeks but again dismissed it as it didnt noticeably repeat. Then at 18weeks 6days I felt very undeniable kicks start that I could feel from the outside that have been off and on since then, with more consistent tapping/fluttering in between, tho there are periods where it either stops, becomes less noticeable due to strength/location of movement, or I am so active I am not in a position to notice it. However if I lay on my back/or sit in a reclining position and wait with my hands on my lower abdomen I can usually feel her kicking. I feel it more predominantly on one side, so that may be due to there being less concentration of placenta on that side, tho I have felt the movements all over at one stage or another. I think if anyone reading this article is disappointed at having an anterior placenta, dont despair, trust your own feelings and take the time to sit and close your eyes and concentrate on what you feel, you may not feel it for a while (there may be other factors that delay it) but if you think you feel something, however slight, allow yourself to believe what you are feeling.

    And dont let it stop you from talking to belly if you havent felt movement yet - your little one can still hear you from about 18weeks!


  • i had one and felt LO at 19 weeks. but when i felt him it was only bottom right for ages. my sister has one and she has only just felt lo at 21 weeks. but when she felt him there were no flutters, punching straight away so her oh could feel it! i think it had been in the way of a bubba who had gotten strong! x

  • Hello, Ive got an anterior placenta and Im 26 weeks.  I started feeling movement at around 23 weeks.  its definate movements but not felt any strong kicks as such, but Ive been reassured that its normal with an anterior placenta x

  • I'm 30 weeks today and I still don't feel what I would like to, I think I doubt myself also. I may be feeling baby move a lot more than I would say because I dismiss a lot of what I feel, put it down to tummy grumbles or something similar. But my OB says that what I'm feeling is baby move, she is very active on scans and hard to follow with a doppler since she won't sit still.

    I have read anything I can find on it and it only scares me more, I would say stop reading on the internet, relax a little on it. But if you get real worried, there is no shame in calling your doctor for peace of mind.

  • I am 20w with my 6th baby and have had an ultrasound showing a healthy and growing baby boy.  I have an anterior placenta and have not felt any definable kicks or bumps. Good to know others experiences as well. 

  • I had an anterior placenta with my son, i first felt a few flutters when i was around 13/14 weeks but i could never tell if it was my stomach rumbling because I was hungry LOL!, by around 16 weeks i could tell the difference, i had no problems feeling my baby move/kick with my anterior placenta through my pregnancy. My labour and birth ended in a c-section image 

  • I am 24w1d and I found out I had an anterior placenta when I had my 18 week scan. I felt something like bubbles popping as early as 16 weeks but it was very sporadic, maybe a couple times a week. For the past two weeks, he has been active around 330 in the morning. Now, for the past few days, I've been feeling him move during the day. He seems to know I am talking about him because he is going crazy with movement now. I feel his movements in the lower part of my belly, definite kicks and now I can feel him turning and twisting. 

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