Bump photo shoot - good deal!!

Was just mooching around lastminute.com looking for some gift inspiration and found this http://www.lastminute.com/lmn/pso/catalog/Product.jhtml?CATID=96507&PRODID=825132830 it is a real bargain, so have booked one for myself and one for SIL's birthday pressie who is due in Feb!

Just thought I'd share x :\)


  • Link doesn't appear to work, you've got me intrigued too! xx
  • Stupid internet! Go on last minute.com and just enter baby in the search field and it should come up that way x
  • oooo that looks great! I want to do it. Is there any way of find out what locations they do it at? I live in Gloucestershire so no point if its only London etc. Thanks for this - I am excited now! xx
  • G/C Don't want to put a downer on this as ??20 for hair and pamper is fab by itself! These places suck you it with great prices but generally charge absolutely extortionate prices for the photos, which of course you want as they're of your precious bump. It may be worth asking how much the prints sell for.

    The reason I say is that I am a part time photographer along side my main job and a lot of my client's have been stung with print fees.

    Another option is if you have a local camera club or uni/college who run photography classes ask them if they need a subject to shoot as you'd prob get some amazing shots with free prints!x x
  • Hi Hun,

    I had a 'boudoir bride' shoot last year as a gift for my DH. It was amazing! The photos were so flatering. It was with a professional company called 'For your eyes only' who specialise in this type of photography. I was so lucky and actually won the shoot which was worth ??750 with the special leather bound album. image

    It was a female photographer, so I felt confident and I had such a great day!

    The company also do a 'boudoir bump' option. Have a look at the web site and look at the gallery. I think they are fab!


    At the moment they are doing a 'Mini Photo Shoot' for just ??49.00 (Normal price ??99)

    Its basically a mini version of the full photo shoot. You do your own hair and make-up and they will touch it up. You only get one photo, but TBH I only want one for DH anyway!?

    It includes:
    Make-up touch up with a professional make-up artist
    One-to-one photo shoot with your own specialist female photographer
    Body sculpting direction and skin smoothing lighting to suit you
    Posture and styling advice
    FYEO retouching on all your images
    A private online gallery with approx 20 images (for viewing only)
    Your favourite 5x7 print, gift wrapped.

    Sorry to waffle! I've just booked one! image
  • I did same as fairythalia last year, only with my wedding photographers instead.

    It's worth having a look at local photographers too, a lot of them are doing this type of thing now. My wedding photographers also do the 'bump' photography and I've been wondering whether to book in to do it as a christmas pressie for hubby.
  • this is the site that has all the locations on it x

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