Advice on Bottle Feeding from the start

Hi Girls,

I'm now 36wks with my first and have made the decision to bottle feed from the start. I've taken care of all the practicalities (bottles, formula, steriliser etc) but would really appreciate some advice as my NCT teachers will only discuss breastfeeding.

Should I take bottles and ready made carton formula into hospital with me? How quickly after the birth should I give the first feed (I know they recommend quite quickly with breastfeeding)? How will my boobs be if I don't breastfeed even once? Will they engorge and then the milk supply dry up?

Sorry to ask so many questions but it's hard to get good detailed & (most importantly!) un-biased advice on bottle feeding from MW's. books etc. Any comments appreciated! xx


  • Hi Yum Yum

    You wont need anything in the hospital all you have to do is decide on what formula you want, I have bottle fed both my boys. The midwife should ask you what milk and bring you a bottle of ready made with a disposable teat.

    I fed my first on cow and gate and the other on SMA as it seemed more available. When this one makes an apperance I will feed it SMA. I would just like to say dont let the midwives make you feel like your doing something wrong as thats the impression I got.

    Sara x
  • Dear Yum Yum I am also 36 weeks and am bottle feeding too. No body really is very helpfull with me either but i refuse to be bullied into breast feeding. All of my friends were unsuccesfull in breast feeding and bottle fed inthe end after a load of hassle so i can get some advise from them. You are not on your own although i often get embaressed when im asked how i am going to feed it is nothing to feel ashamed about.
  • Hiya, I am considering bottle feeding from the start as well, I may try BF but I don't want to do it for long anyway.

    My oh's auntie has just had a baby (well 7 weeks ago) and she had bottle fed from the start. She said your boobs engorge when your milk comes in 3 or so days after the birth, and then your body reabsorbs the milk so they go down :\)

    I think they do supply the milk in hospital, a choice of sma or cow & gate and so on. I know what you mean, there isn't all that much info about bottle-feeding, I've been reading up on it and am seriously confused about how to prepare bottles.
  • I have always said I want to bottle feed and even at my booking in appointment the midwife told me off when she asked me was I going to BF or not!!! I am very confused too. Any advice much appreciated!
  • I had a brill midwife at my booking in appt and when I told her I am going to bottle feed she did warn me there is a huge push to get women breastfeeding at the moment but it is my decision and dont let them bully me! Seems it is going on - bullying midwives! Good for everyone here who is standing up for themselves and making the choice that is right for them. In my personal opinion - if you are not comfortable or happy about breastfeeding how are you supposed to make the baby feel happy and comfortable?

    Regarding the preparation of the formula - each tin/pack comes with a leaflet inside or directions on the side about how much formula to how much water. If you are a bit unsure at first you can always buy the cartons that are ready prepared to use the first few times if you arent confident but the directions are pretty self explanatory.

    I too will be standing by my decision and be bottle feeding from the start - I struggled with my eldest son and it was not good for either of us.
    Take care, Love Lee xxx

  • One of my friends struggled with breast feeding so much her baby lost an awful lot of wait in the first few weeks and it was really detrimental to both of them. Midwives want you to BF but the choice is ours, so do whatever works best - I intend trying to start but have no intention of doing it for long. My sis did it for 13 months and that makes me feel a bit nauseous! Stand up for our rights girls!!!
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