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Hi all,

Looking for abit of advice I have got my 1st booking apt on 3 jan with the midwife which I read needs to be between 8 and 10 weeks. When I have it I will be 10+5 weeks. Do you think that is ok?? or should I ask if I can have one a bit sooner?

Thanks X


  • you dont have to be 8-10weeks for the appointment just thats usualy when it is i was over 11 weeks when i had my appointment with midwife, it isnt a problem,
    if you want a earlyer appointment ring and see if you can arange one hun,
    take care xx

  • Yeah, i was over 11 weeks too, it was fine.
  • I was 14 weeks at mine!
  • Hi Apple_Jack,
    I found it easier not to rely on information that I read but to just go along with wat the hospitals and drs said, because it is so different in so many different places. With both my pregnancies I had my booking in at 8 weeks, however some people go as far as 15weeks before aving their appt. Unless uve got any real health issues or had any bleeding ect it will be fine to have ur booking in a little later on. Hope this advise is helpful and it will be 3rd Jan before u know it. Kerry xxxxx
  • Thank you all for your help I feel a lot better now image X
  • hi, mine not till 13 weeks - and i get my scan then. some places do seperate booking in and scan appt's, so you get your booking in appt quite early. Where i live the midwives dont want to even hear from you until your 12 weeks!! (although there is an early pg unit for anyone with problems).
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