Am I just hormonal?


I am nearly 27 weeks pregnant and desperate to pass my driving test (its been going on for ages and i am always nearly there but never do enough to pass).

My husband was supposed to take today off so that he could be there when i took my test but had to go to work this morning (which i wasn't too happy about). Anyway i got home thinking that he would be there soon after i got back (i failed - again) but apparently his car got blocked in the car park and he couldn't move.

I am over reacting by be livid. I don't particularly want to see him at the moment but can't go and stay with my mum as i can't drive....



  • aww hun i know how you feel, it took me a year and a half to pass (3rd time lucky lol) and its sooo frustrating as it just all depends on the traffic/route that day. I'm even more annoyed at the mo though because i passed a year ago and still havn't been in a car lol! (well not driving anyway) as live in the city now so probably wouldn't be worth the cost grrrr.

    Im sure you will pass soon and yes im sure your hormones are making it all seem worse than it really is. I was bad enough and wasn't pg. Good luck for your next test xxx
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