Call from Mw this morning...

When we saw the Mw yesterday morning it wasnt our usualy one, but we thought everything had gone ok.

i just got a call from our usuall MW who said that she wanted to see me on friday to check another wee sample, as they had seen keytones in the last two which she didnt think was normal. She asked if i was eating, and I said i was although not as much as I probably should as the iron tablets had been making me queasy, but that i was managing three small meals a day...

she explained that the keytones meant that my body was converting fat etc to food for the baby rather than using the food that i was eating... image :\?

I have NO idea what she is on about! :lol:
But she wants me to go and do another sample fri afternoon so she can see if the time of day makes any differnce...

anyone else been told about these keytones/know about them, and can shed any light on them?
Baby is ok, so no worries there, but she said this could be why I feel so drained all the time even though I'm eating.... and the things I've googled link it back to Gestational Diabetes, but I've had the test for that and it came back completely normal.......

ah well, more peeing into a ridiculously small pot on friday :lol:



  • When I was really sick and had to go into hospital they were checking my urine for ketones. It basically means you aren't eating enough so (gross) your body is kind of digesting itself.

    I was keeping nothing down so it was no big surprise to me, but I was put on a drip for 2 days and felt much better. They let me home when my ketone reading was plus 2 so that must be a betterreading than what I had!!

    13+6 x
  • Hi hun glad everything is all ok with baby. Yeah this just means you are not eating enough but it can be so hard. I think I have a urine infection so have had to drop a urine sample in for the nurse to check and I am worried she will say the say thing to me as aprt from the last week or two I was hardly eating a thing. Everything I tried to eat would make me be sick or feel sick and the MW had a go at me and said I must try and eat.

    It will be ok, just try and eay little and often like you are doing lots of snacks.
    K xx

  • hi mummy stephe i only know the same as kimmy i have hyperemesis so wasnt keeping anything down till they found some meds that worked. it means your body is eating its fat stores rather than taking fat from the food your eating its weird if you are eating 3 meals a day and getting it tho i was litterally eating nothing when i had keytones hope everything is sorted for you soon
    claire xx
  • Hiya, i always have keytones in my urine, always have with each of my pregnancies, and all they keep telling me is that i need to eat and drink more! But honestly i am eating and drinking plenty! Apparently having keytones in your urine is the desired affect of the atkins diet, so i assume this is why i lose weight when i'm pregnant! No idea why my body reacts this way to being pregnant, so can't really help other than to say you're not alone xxx
  • Oh, just to clarify, i am not on the atkins diet, but apparently people who are should be producing keytones in their urine as a sign that the diet is working! Wouldnt catch me on it ever, i love potatoes and bread far too much to give them up lol xx
  • :lol:

    I have never been on a diet ever, love all my food way toooooo much image

    Put lots of weight on when i was preg with Ollie, and havent put any on this time- i lost about a stone and a half within the first three months and am now just about back up to the weight i was when i first got pregnant so technically have not put any weight on.... ( i have had to reduce my bread intake as it stops the absorption of iron...)

    Ah well, guess I'll just have to keep going as I am - but does it mean I have an excuse for even more cake/ice cream/sweet/snacks.... :lol: image

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