FAO people affected by 5leaf

I dont know how many of you over here in pregnancy are aware , but we've been having problems with her and her boyfriend etc over in baby for ages now! we all know who she is and its pathetic, please dont listen to anything she says to you all! she's mean, sick and down right not right in the haed, io believe in KARMA and pretty sure she will get what she deserves very soon!! I think its disgusting how be have not done anything to stop this, they say they cant, what a load of crap of course they can ban people etc! ITS DISGUSTING !! XXX


  • I am usually on Hipp and we had a fake not so long back.... A couple and both would post on there and they were fake.... I wonder if its the same person....

    Weirdo's there are obviously jealous of something
  • yh well this woman i got to know quiet well she does have children and i went to her house etc, hence why i could tell straight away that it was her, we've spoke in baby about it loads of times and she slipped up to me a few times, they both did! i just think she is mentally unstable to be saying things like she has on here!
  • OMG.... Yeah she obviuosly has some issues...

    Shame she has to try and spoil things for everyone else...

    Obviously has nothing else better in her life to think about...
  • I have seen her comments in the July forum recently but dont really know the history of her on here and what she has been saying??
  • On sat she made some disgusting comments to someone who said she was having a couple of sips of cava. Her posts were abusive and one post in particular I hear was disgusting, so disgusting she deleted it herself afterwards.

    Whoever it is is a low life who should crawl back under whatever stone she came out from. I personally think if you cant say anything nioe dont say anything at all. Ive seen posts on here that I havent particularly agreed with, in fact some people talk complete rubbish but I havent said anything as everyone is entitled to their own opinion and for people to come on here just spoiling for a fight is just wrong.

    I dont mean to state the obvious but TTC and pregnant and people with new babies come on here to talk to people in the same position. Its difficult to talk to friends as I for one dont have any clise friends who are in the same position and the people in my office are probably thinking im driving them mad talking about babies all the time so its nice to come on here and speak to people in the same position. I was shocked on sat that someone could come on here and invade the confidence we all have in speaking to each other, I was also very upset for the person who was getting abuse as her hormones are probably not what they were and for someone to hurt her feelings like they did on valentines night during what shold be the happiest time of her life is just sick.

    Sorry for the rant girls. Hopefully 4 or 5 leaf/zoey or whatever she is calling herself now will get what she deserves soon.

    Hope you are all well girls

    Georgie xx 15+3
  • georgie, its not someone called Zoey, that bit is wrong!
  • er, given that 5leaf is a reference to the five leaf'd one leaf of a cannabis plant I don't think it takes much to source the root of her behaviour. I read her cava rant and it was unnecessary and ill informed, I found it worse for her choice of id.
  • Sorry beccie, when I looked at 5leafs topics she called herself zoey once so thats why i made reference to it x
  • Holy cows! I personally haven't seen any of the posts myself, but that is awful! jeez some ppl need serious help!
  • georgie d i saw that one too i think she was trying to make people think she was queen bee fortunatly it didnt work
    claire x
  • She's a waste of space, she has also at times claimed to be me, Garfield and Mrsjbourne, unfortunately for her most of us are well aware who she really is!!
  • hi

    ooh what have i missed?? i haven't seen any of the posts, but from whats been said in this post its sounding scarily similar to the 'sofedup' character who bombarded baby with abuse not so long ago and i think we all figured out who that was, is it possibly the same twisted mind? xx
  • It sounds like we have been quite lucky in pregnancy not to have had this person surface before. From now on I suggest we all do what they did in Baby and ignore any comments, I know its hard but hopefully the troll will go back to its swamp.

  • siany, it is exactly the same person. BE blocked her sofedup log on, and then 4leaf so she is now logging on as 5leaf
  • hi siany it is sofedup she changed her name cus everyone in baby has learnt not to reply shes trying to provoke us pg ladies now she upset joo on saturday night
  • it is her and her boyfriend they are fucking weirdos CLEARLY too much time on their hands!
  • omg! how pathetic! how crazy! i can't believe she's doing it again, gave her benefit of the doubt last time but really.... correct me if i'm wrong but their original id begins with a B? just wanna make sure i have got the right person lol, but i'm pretty certain thats who it was/is xx
  • thanks queen bee, i shall promptly be removing said weirdo from FB.

    emma i agree that maybe SS shld be made aware of these issues but wld posts from BE on different usernames actually be viable evidence that SS wld be able to use or even look into? xx
  • Hi, ive just sent her and him an email with regards to the behaviour over the weekend and have now blocke them from my contacts, how can i print out things from here named 5 leaf?? it doesnt state her name , so how can i prove its her, people have tried with the ip address and stuff and no one can point it directly on her only be can do that! I can only say i know its them from what ive witnessed in there house and phone calls with them and convo's on msn, plus recognising stuff and ways they speka1 There is nothing concrete their to give to the authorities?? xx
  • oh im getting messages now on facebook from him cos ive told them i know its them and apparantly 'they' meaning him aswell dont go on be anymore?? so why would he go on be in first place?? telling you, they slip up all the time! will save every email i get from now on just incase anything else comes up!
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