FAO Pinktoothbrush

Hey hun you made it.
How far do you think you might be??? I'm guessing that I'm about 5-6 weeks approx.x


  • Ooh hello, only just seen this as I've been too scared to venture on here much! Still don't quite believe it. Are you terrified that it's going to go wrong? It's pretty much all I can think about.

    I'm pretty sure I'm 4+2, though I could potentially be about 8 weeks as my last period wasn't really anything to speak of - just a bit of spotting. I did test back then & got BFN but only on Access Diagnostic cheapies so I suppose it's a possibility. Got a gut feeling though that I'm not very far along.

    When are you going to contact the doc?
  • I would just like to welcome you both over here!

    We are a friendly bunch and dont be afraid to ask anything.

    Hope you both have a happy and healthy pregnancy!!!!

    Love Lee
  • Thanks oldermum69!

    It's really sad, I thought that once I got my BFP I'd be walking on air - and of course I am soooo happy - but I've just felt worried all day (that I'll miscarry). Every time I go to the loo I check. It sucks! In my head once I reach 12 weeks I'll be able to relax - but I suppose you just worry even more then!

    Hubby says this is just the beginning - wait til baby's BORN....
  • Hi Pinktoothbrush!
    I was the same, each time I went to loo looking in my pants for any blood! I kept telling myself not to get excited or think past 12 weeks. Didn't get first scan until I was 14 weeks and as we walked in to the hospital I said to hubby please don't cry if it's bad news ok? But all was fine! I know it's hard, but we will all be here for you no matterv what! As oldermum says, we are a friendly bunch!
  • Thanks jellyfishpink, people are so supportive on here, it's lovely.
  • congratulations! don't worry everyone is the same! from when i found out i was pg i have only bought white toilet paper! anyone else done that or is it just me haha. just so that i can see everything that comes out of me haha. i can tell u it doesn't stop at 12 weeks either i am 18 now and although i wouldn't say i 'worry' but theres always something in the back of my mind thinking what if this happens! but its still the best feeling in the world being pregnant! .....unless ur really sick or course than i can imagine its not as nice lol goodluck anyway xxx
  • Welcome to the weird wonderful world of pregnancy babe!

    Its a world where you worry about anything and everything! But no matter what there is always always someone on here who has been through similar! Personally I have been through 2 pregnancies before but NOTHING like this one and I truly believe I would have lost my marbles if it hadnt been for the people on here!

    Am sure when we all progress onto "Baby" there will be a whole new set of worries to come!

  • Sorry hun just caught up with posts.
    I've already seen the doc but only because of a kidney infection.
    I'm going to phone mw next week to try and get a 7 week scan (should be able to as the infection and close proximity to slapped cheek increases chance of mc)
    I'll have the same mw as I had 10 years ago too which will be nice (she also saw all of my sisters)
  • Can I just say what a relief it is to hear that I am not the only one scared stiff everytime I go to the loo! I too am only thinking about getting to 12 weeks, but I know from previous experience the worry doesn't stop there......

    Princess Jane.....I don't buy white toliet paper, but I only wear white knickers! Did that last time round too......
  • congratulations! i had a mmc last sept and am now 21+3 with my lo. i had an early scan at 9 weeks and had to be told by my oh and the sonographer to look at the screen, i was convinced itd be bad news again. i still worried over every twinge up untill 17 weeks when i felt lo wriggling around. im now getting kicked from all angles and was such a relief to see our lil man roling around on our 20 week scan! makes up for the 21 weeks of constant morning sickness!!!
    hope everything goes well for you!
  • Congratulations for making it here and wish you all the luck in the world. Everyone here is lovely xxx
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