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oooh er - cringe!

Morning all

I'm a bit worried about something... hubby and I 'did it' this morning and I'm worried he might have been a bit 'too much'. He wasn't really rough just maybe a bit fast (hey he's had it twice now in the last 4 months give him a break!!! LOL) We did it from behind.

God I'm sorry I have just shared every detail with you!!!

Do you think we'll be ok? I did a bit of a google and it actually says from behind is a good position (not that we should always trust google) so that's a relief. Suppose I'm just a bit worried about the other thing!

Any advice???




  • Hey hun, I'm sure everything's fine. Me and dh refrained from any intimacy for the first 13 weeks as we were a bit wary about disturbing things in there due to a bleed I had right at the beginning. When we did have sex at 13 weeks it was fine, no bleeding or anything.

    Your baby is very well protected in there so you won't have done any damage, the only thing to look out for is slight spotting as sex can sometimes irritate the cervix, this is nothing to worry about either.

    You'll be fine and I hope you enjoyed yourselves image

  • Well done for doing it!

    I've managed it about four times since I found out I was pregnant. Its a combination of sickness, tiredness and just not feeling that I want to that has held me back, to be honest.

    When we've done it, I sort of forget about being pg, and enjoy it, then rush off to the loo to check its all okay when its over. Not very romantic!

    But I'm sure it'll be fine. And I bet your OH will be so pleased that normal service (bad term) is being resumed. I'm going to make more of an effort this weekend.

    But don't worry about it - I'm sure everything will be fine. x
  • hey,

    like the others have said its fine. baby is very well protected in there.
    me and oh have carried on having very regular sex since finding out at 4 weeks pregnant. it has never been a problem, just when i got to a certain size we had to rethink certain positions.
    every1 is different though and therfore you have to decide what you feel happy and comfortable to do but rest assured baby is fine.

    kate 37weeks
  • Hi Joo,

    i wouldnt worry, tbh being pregnant hasnt really stopped us from doing it even in the early weeks, granted were not doing it quite as much, but a couple of nights a week.

    Your body is made for all this sort of stuff so just trust it and relax, i have never had any probs after sex, and sometimes it can be a bit rushed!!!

    Just remember your bean is firmly stuck in there!!!

    Nina 12+4 xx
  • Thanks everyone!

    It's not so much I was worried about having sex, as I feel ok with that in terms of baby's safety. Suppose I just worried because he was a little, erm, energentic and enthusiastic!!! i.e. not particularly slow and calm!!!


    Joo xxx
  • He'd probably got a lot of err... excitement... that had built up over the weeks you weren't Doing It.

    I imagine the more you do it, the more normal it will become.

    When I did it with OH the other day it was the first time for weeks. He could pretty much hardly contain himself! I don't think its unusual. Especially considering we probably all had masses of sex leading up to the BFP. I was pestering for twice a day- now its twice a month. Poor OH - no wonder he's finding it hard to keep his rhythm!
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