are bugaboos's really worth it???

Hi girlies,

Just a quickie my man and i have fallen in love with the new bugaboo cameleon but it costs ??630 the woman in john lewis really did her job well, we have not bought it yet i have my reservations but my man wants it!
Do any of you have one? Are they really as good as people say? and can i find them cheaper anywhere else?


  • Hi,
    I've got a bugaboo which I've been really happy with. Found it easy to use and especially love the fact you can face either pram/carry cot & seat both ways. However things to consider are that all the accessories are sold separately and they're not cheap. If you are planning another lo then bugaboo isn't ideal unless you have a 2-3yr age gap as the only add on is a buggy board. My lo is just 1yr and expecting again end of the summer so will be needing a double.
    Hope this helps, best of luck.
  • Hi, im not sure about how good it is as pg with my first but i found one for ??100 cheaper but its in dark colour:

  • I have got the cheaper version of the chameleon, which is the gecko. This is a bit cheaper and you buy it as an all in one. I'm very happy with it, it's lightweight and easy for me to manouver. I've just changed it from the pram bit to the pram bit (can still lie lo nearly flat in that) and it was easy.
  • I have a chameloen and I think it was worth every penny (although my Mum and Dad bought it which helps!) I can honestly say that where ever I have taken it it I have never had a problem, whatever the terrain. I love the fact that it comes with a proper pram, and that the seat faces backwards and forward (and can actually be changed with lo in it once you have the hang of it) Millie also loves it, it is a bit higher than a lot of pushchairs so she has a great view and if we go for a coffee and can't get a highchair it is high enough for her to sit at the table.
    I have to agree with Ellathome though, if you are planning a small gap I would think carefully before buying it. I will have a 22 month gap when no 2 arrives and so I am going to have to retire the bugaboo for the time being, and I am having a very tough job finding a double to live up to it!
  • My friend has got one and loves it. I had a push of it the other day and it was really nice. It is expensive tho and that is what puts me off. I found the quinny 4 wheeler was just a nice to push and use. It really is up to you though. Get what you would be happy with! Kiddicare is good like someone else said!
  • I thought the bugaboo was quite low (well, the pram bit anyway) and would be really annoying bending so low to get the baby out. But it is good-looking! Have you thought of the cosatto mobi, because it's quite similar and comes with all the extras xxx
  • Have you thought of trying ebay? Quite often you can save money even on new items through ebay shops. Or go into Mothercare or Babies R Us where they've got loads on show, and see if there's another one very similar but cheaper that you like as much.
    Corinna x
  • Hi, not sure about the bugaboo but the company we've used to buy prams from is, we've used them at the baby show, I got the quinny zap stroller ??50 cheaper than in mothercare a couple of weeks ago, so def worth checking out.
  • We ordered a chameleon a couple of weeks ago from twoleftfeet but it's not arrived yet (boo!). I believe this is due to a nationwide shortage of footmuffs!

    I'm not sure if it's worth the money really but we decided to splash out anyway. It's certainly very good and it does everything we want it too (although I'm not sure if you can easily attach a changing bag to it - does anyone know if this is possible?) You get the carrycot and buggy seat, the rain cover, the underseat storage. But you have to get the footmuff extra and even pay extra for the clips to attach a car seat.

    We got a package deal from twoleftfeet - ??710 for the chameleon, the footmuff, the carseat and attachments. Saving of nearly ??150 on the same items from John Lewis. And it's the new 2008 version which has a couple of upgrades (the best is the foam-filled tyres so no more punctures!)

    Shop around but if you have the money then I'd say treat yourself! That's the one bit of advice I've had from everyone is don't try to save on the buggy - you're using it everyday so it has to be right for you!
  • soniamc,
    I have an Oioi messenger bag and it hangs perfectly over the handle on the chameloen, my mum has just ordered me a new storksac bag for my 30th and that fits over as well. The bugaboo bag also fits but my sil has one of those and she hates it, apparantly there aren't enough pockets inside to keep stuff organised. Hope that help, Kerry
  • Thanks Kerry! Is that one of those bags with the special straps that hook around the push bar? I've seen the Oioi bags - very nice! I'll have to have a look for the storksacs too.

    By the way, your avatar - I assume this is your daughter? She is just beautiful! I've been meaning to say that for ages whenever I see you posting! She always makes me smile...

    Sonia x
  • It's just a normal messenger style bag, tbh I think most changing bas would fit or you could always get some of the hooks that you can buy that clip on to the handle.
    My avatar is my little girl, that photo was taken at her birthday party and she is 18 months now so it's a bit old, but thank you very much, I think she is beautiful as well!
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