Braxton Hicks

Hi, im 25 wks with my second and wondering if its too early to be getting Braxton Hicks, i didnt get them at all with my 1st so dont really know what they are surposed to feel like. The top part of my bump goes rock hard every now and again is this normal? xx


  • hi, i have been having braxton hicks from about 18 weeks and i know some people get them earlier too, i didn't have any when i was pregnant with my daughter but this time i get them quite regularly especially now at 32 weeks. I'm sure its quite normal.

  • I'm 29+5 and been having them since before christmas! I was told by one doctor that you can have them from 18 weeks, and another said you can have them at any point in your pregnancy!

    Mine feel like a heavy tight feeling across the bottom of my abdomen, and my tummy goes rock hard!

    My obstetrician says its a good thing if you're having them, but didn't explain why! If you're worried mention to your midwife, but I'm sure it's fine!

    C. X
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