Just found out I'm pregnant

Hi everyone,

May I join you?

I found out yesterday that after 7 months of TTC we have finally done it!! 3 tests confirm it!

I am about 4 weeks I think.

We are excited but nervous particularly about something going wrong. When did everyone tell friends/family etc.? Also, I keep seeing 4+2, 31+3 etc. Without wishing to sound like a complete donkey, how do you actually work this out?

I am so pleased to be on this forum.................image


  • hi you count from day 1 of last period xx congrats by the way
  • Congrats shimmsie! You must be over the moon!

    Your dates may change when you go for your first scan, especially if you have shorter or longer cycles than the 'average' 28 days.


  • hi im new to this website as well and have just found that i am 6 wks ive got 3 boys already and told them as they were worried about mum being sick all the time and the youngest then outed me to the whole school the next day !!
  • Oh, wonderful news image Congratulations and all the best luck image))
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