Has anyone got their pram at home?

Hi there

My hubby's working away for a few days but before he left yesterday he picked up our pram from the shop as a surprise! I got home last night to find two big boxes in the kitchen! I was very excited to say the least! It's all still boxed up but I'm really tempted to put it together and have a play with it! Obviously I need to know exactly what I'm doing with it before I've got a baby to go in it - It's a travel system and I need to practice putting all the attachments on it! (That's my excuse anyway!!) I know it's supposed to be bad luck to have a new pram in the house before baby arrives but I was just wondering how many of you aren't worried about this and have your pram in the house already? I need to know whether I should get it to my Dad's a.s.a.p.!!

Serena xxxx




  • I know it's silly to worry about it but I can't help it! I'm not even particularly superstitious!! I can't put it together myself so when hubby comes home I'll get him to put it together, just to make sure all the parts are there, and then maybe I'll keep it at home! Whenever I go in a baby shop I end up playing with the pram I've got so to have mine at home to play with would be great! Just not sure I can actually keep it there! Hmmm, we'll see! Thanks honey xxxx


  • I have mine in the babies room, its been there since about 30 weeks. people say dont have them in your house but in this day and age you need to have everything handy!
    i wouldnt let superstitions get to you hun, its just a pram, just think what people used to do when they had their second baby and used their old pram...they were in their houss for the whole 9 mnths!!
    x x x
  • We have ours in the house as have no one near by that can store it for us but also like you wanted to play with it! Lol, Tammi xxx
  • I've had mine at home since 11 weeks, it's a good job I bought it when I did as Mothercare only sold it for 4 months and it costs twice as much as everywhere else!!

    I have got it out to play, even took DS out in the pushchair, which turns out to be a good thing coz there was a problem with the handle that has now been sorted, also the company don't make rain covers so I had to try the cover on the carrycot, the last thing I wanted is not to have a suitable rain cover!

    I could have put it at my MIL's but there are 3 smokers in her house and don;t want it to come back smelling like an ashtray.

    I've done the same for all 3 of mine and unless the pram suddenly gets turned in to a psyco killing machine, I can't see how it would do any harm LOL
  • That's good to hear! I thought everyone would say not to keep it in the house! I've got a quinny buzz Zoey xxxx


  • mines at my hubbys mums for now just til we get nursery and house sorted! where will u all be storing the pram when babies here?? x
  • I'll keep mine in our hall - we're really lucky and have a huge entrance hall. The pram's not particularly bulky but it'll be handy for getting in and out of the house. We've got the carrycot as part of the travel system which I'm hoping baby will sleep in like a moses basket so I can just pop it on the frame and go out whenever we like! xxxx


  • I have left mine at my mil's just to save my nan telling me what bad luck it is really, Cant wait to see it again and have a play!

    I intend to leave mine in the utility room when babys here, but i am sure i will end up lazy and leave it in the hall!
  • I am looking at my loveky Capri coloured Quinny Buzz now - it's in my living room! I love it, and can't stop thinking that my baby will be soon snuggled in it!

    No idea where we will put it when LO arrives! I am a tidy freak so need to think where it will fit. OH wants to keep in the garage, but I have said NO ( just think of all the spiders! )

    Sam x
  • i might leave mine in hall, i have a carry cot with mine too they r good arent they. i'm getting so excited now!! we r finally starting nursery 2day! can't wait til its all done! xx
  • Good choice Sam! I've got it in the strawberry colour. I'm really excited now! Just want to put it together and have a play!!! Have you got the dreami carrycot aswell Sam? xxxx


  • mine arrived last week finally (3 days from germany, not bad going i thought) and it is at my mums. I have no baby stuff here at all apart from a few bits of clothes that people have got for me and then most of that is at hers as well. My car seat is there, travel cot, changing table.. I refuse to have it here till i have a week to go.
  • We got mine quite early on, at 17 weeks because it was a bargain on ebay! I'm not supersticious (sp?) and had never heard about not keeping it in the house but my MIL made me take it round to hers.
  • My pushchairs at my mums, but personally Im not supisticious at all. We got the pushchair quite early and it was dropped off at oh's friends because we were both at work, his friends wife then said they'd look after it because it was bad luck-which was nice in her own little sense but I was kinda annoyed one because well she could have asked if they'd look after it and two because they smoke in the house and I didnt want my newborn in a pushchair that stank of cigs. So we got it round to my mums, oh didnt want to hurt friends feelings so we said since my mum would be driving us from hospital she needed to practice setting the carseat up in the car....which is true.
    Sorry I rambled on then-basically I wouldnt worry about having the pram at home. My sister had hers at home before baby was born



  • Hi SWillo

    Yep, I have the Dremi cot as well. I LOVE the colour lime green so hunted down last years lime green - and managed to get the last one from Mothercare!!

    Can't wait to get my LO in the pram and pushing him or her through the park!

    Sam x
  • The carrycot is lovely isn't it Sam - Oh I can't wait to be strolling through the park with my lo too! Just had a phone call from hubby to say he's coming home tonight, so guess what his first job will be?! To put the pram together so I can have a play, yay!!! I can't wait! Well done you on sourcing the lime green buzz! It's gorgeous!

    Serena xxxx


  • both our sets of parents have told us it's bad luck to keep the pram in the house so after getting it out for a play we re-packaged it and it's sitting in the garage! but.....the car seat is in babies room and all the bits that came with the pram (rain cover, foot thingy, pushchair head bit etc) are also in the babies room as i couldn't see the point in trying to fit them all back in the box!

    i hadn't really thought about people on thier 2nd babies......

    we have cleared a space in our porch for ours
  • HI. I'm 28+ 2 and we've had our at home all set up since about 20 weeks. Apperently it didn't go down well with my gran that I had it in the house though!!! xxx
  • I really wouldn't worry too much about having the pram indoors.

    I strongly beleive everything happens for a reason - and god forbid anything does happen to my lo- well I know 100% it will be not down to me having a pram in the living room....

    Sam x
  • Hi Serena

    I've got my pram in my house. I've had it since I was 16 weeks but I'm not supersticious. It's still in the box. I have taken it out a couple of times to have a play with it though lol.

    Rebecca xx


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