Redundancy - Need some advice !

As some of you may or may not know my company is currently undergoing a restructure and as such there are a number of redundancies happening in my office. Now I have been told that potentially my job is safe as I am the only person trained to do my job, however it doesnt mean that someone else cant apply for my job (and get it) and with it not set in stone its a bit worrying the thought of losing my job a matter of weeks before my baby girl is born.

Anyway i have just found out today that by law if a memeber of staff is actually ON maternity leave at the time any job matching goes ahead that they must be given priority and HAVE to be job matched into a role. In other words it would be set in stone that I get a job.

However this is due to start in a fortnight so I would need to go on mat leave really early which isnt what I wanted; I was going to start on 20th March which is 2 weeks before my EDD. I know I could tag 4 weeks of leave onto the mat leave but still its not what I wanted.

But for the security would you recommend going on mat leave early ??? I've only just come back to work after 11 weeks off with antenatel depression and i'm not 100% sure I want to go back to being at home all the time again !

Oh i'm so confused !! Sorry for the long message !

MrsW 29weeks today


  • If I were you I would go early - that way at least you are SURE to be safe. Perhaps you can arrange something to do in that one month - perhaps mention to your work that you dont want to take it early, but that due to the circumstances you feel you have little choice. Maybe that way you can come to an arrangement? Surely they woudn't be so cruel as to make you redundant now? I am being made redundant at the end of Feb and will be 5 motnhs then! Yikes! Also, I think you are entitled to Maternity leave / pay as long as you are still working on the 15th week before baby is due? Good luuck - I am sure you will make the right decision.
  • don't know much about it myself but either cab or acas are good to talk to about your right's at work. would have thought you can find them threw internet or failing that your local job centre would a phone number for them. hope all goes well, good luck xx
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