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If you could have a day off from being pregnant,



  • Great thread ladies. Like a lot of you I would have a night on my tummy, wake up refreshed and raring to go instead of needing a nap by 9.30am lol!! I would then take my gorgeous horse to the beach for a gallop - missing riding sooo much it's not true before heading out for a slap up lunch of pate and steak. In the evening some spontaneous "quality time" with OH - these days we have to plan the most comfortable position to avoid sore hips, cramp, squashed bump etc - who would ever guess I would miss the good old missionary lol!!! (sorry if TMI girls!!) image

    S 34 + 4
  • Oh yes Autumn79 I missed out sex in missionary...or just sex! Thanks for reminding me lol image
  • Im with Rubyshoes & Autumn here.

    I would wake up from a good nights sleep, Im not sure there is much in the way of food things I am missing that badly, oh apart from can no longer eat spicy food, maybe i'd just enjoy eating without indigestion.

    Put on a pair of killer heels cause I cant seem to walk or stand in them any longer & I really miss some of my KG's that are all boxed up for now!!

    Then I think i'd have an all night bender with my OH & a night of passion without feeling tired, boring or like were having the most organised sex ever LOL!
  • I would wake up from a refreshing nights sleep where I haven't had to wake up and change sides about 20 times in the night (damn spd) and my hands and feet are not swollen and I don't need to rotate my ankles to stop the aching.

    Start my day with a lovely dippy egg and soliders, followed by a bath where I can save my legs and do all the other beuty regimes that have been missing cause I have trouble reaching easily.

    Dress up is a gorgous outfit that makes me look skinning and fits as soon as I put it on (instead of having to work out which top I've grown out of this time). Also make sure I have some really sexy bra and knickers on instead of the ooh so sexy maternity bras I am currently sporting.

    Play with my ds without getting out of breath, hurting or scared that his going to kick my tummy (gets really exciting when playing and jumps around :\)).

    Go out for a lovely dinner of fried cambert to start, raw steak to follow and pretty much the fattyest desert imageable (although been doing the last one). Just going out for a meal without having to check whats in it would be brilliant.

    Drink, drink and more drink, really miss my wine and pink sparkles and g&t's. Even more so as I know its ages before I can have some as hoping to bf for as long as lo is happy (11 months with ds1 so was not back to full drink until then only the odd glass and then fell pregnant 1 month later).

    Also go skiing this new year, which I miss so much. Oh well there is always next year image.

    Sorry that was long!
  • It would be this thursday. We're celebrating our first wedding anniversary and staying at the hotel we had our reception. We'd spend all day in the spa, i'd go in the bubble pool, sauna and have a all over body massage (no stupid bean bags etc). Then we'd celebrate over dinner where I'd have the pate and champagne.

    Then we'd have sex hehe, and not in the crappy I am huge and pregnant style. And i'd sleep happy and slightly merry on my front image
  • Oooooh I love this thread! So lovely reading everyones dream day!

    I would... wake up mid morning without my bloody dreamgenii pillow stuck between me and Husband, having made a trip to the toilet approximately every two hours overnight. Would then have very runny poached egg on a muffin for breakfast and a nice proper black coffee. We'd then head to the beach where Husband would go in for a good surf and I would join him in the out of your depth water rather than pansying around and 'poddling' or sitting in a fold out chair reading a pregnancy book (there really is only so much of this stuff a person can read....). We'd then head to our favourite pub on the beach where I would look fab in my skinny bikini rather than the DD cup I have had to invest in this summer, eek, really don't like myself with a big cleavage. I'd have whatever shellfish was on the menu without worrying about whether it was cooked properly and wash it down with at least a bottle of cold white wine. Husband would then drive us home and we would have a good rampant session in the shower (may be TMI - sorry!) before spending the rest of the evening sitting in the sunshine with some good red wine. Heaven. And don't forget a proper cornish cheeseboard with all the smelly blue stuff/brie, and chuck in a big wodge of pate too! Stay up very late talking drunken rubbish and then fall asleep on my front. Hehe. x

    Laura 33+1image
  • just being able to have a proper coffee and a fag would be heaven lol
  • i would sleep on my stomach, then ride my horsey all day and have rare steak with stilton sauce for dinner with a lush pint of cider.... not long left now image

  • I would go shopping and by myself lots of lovely pretty clothes that I dont feel fat in and then have a lunch of all the bad cheeses and a bottle of white wine. Then I would go home and watch a DVD and not fall asleep!
    I'm only 13 weeks!!
  • I would just like to add that the reason I am not eating cheesecake is because the fresh ones (the ones I like!) are made with soft cheese which we are not meant to eat and that is why I am avoiding them at the moment. Not because of raw egg.
  • You can eat soft cheese - they mean soft cheese like brie etc that you're meant to avoid, not cream cheese. Cheesecake is completely okay.
  • My midwife said that I cant have phillidelpia (sp?) or anything like that so I have just avoided it. oh well.... Its mainly the blue steak I have missed anyway :lol: I am craving it... any the amaretto smells so nice!!!!! :\)
  • Oh dear! Your midwife is wrong, I think I even asked my midwife about it earlier on and she said it was fine. Philidelphia is pasteurised so there's absolutely no reason that you can't have it - so if you fancy some cheesecae eat away!

    I have to say I'm glad I'm not a big steak or eggs eater, means that I don't miss many foods that I can't eat at the moment! x
  • i lived on philadelphia in the early weeks!!! lol

    amaretto is the best stuff!!! lol

    bring on the cheesecake i think!!! lol

  • combine the two and we have a deal! Amaretto cheesecake... YUM!
  • Reading this thread is like torture!
  • oh my god that would be heaven in a cake!!! lol!!!

    may have to make one after baby is here!!! lol
  • whats wrong with steak? or is it just rare steak thats a problem?

    i would get a baby sitter for a couple of nights for a start!

    wake up at about 10 without being desperate for a wee or being woken up with "mummy i need something". have some nice morning sex. get up and have a massive breakfast without feeling sick straight away after.
    then a day of shopping or theme park without being stupidly tired
    pub lunch with a nice pint of cider
    pub dinner with rose followed by amaretto and coke or Jack and coke (or both)
    cinema without needing a wee every 5 minutes
    then home for more drink and a lot more sex!

    to be honest the only reason im not gettin the mornin sex at the moment is because my BF is a lazy git!
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