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Not much movement

Hi Everyone,
Does anyone get days when the baby just doesn't seem to move much. Am 26 wks and baby has been quite quiet today - have had the odd wiggle or little kick but not as vigorous as usual, am not sure if I should worry or not.


  • Lottie its normal. Somedays they are more quieter then usual and its normal to worry but im sure baby will be back to normal self 2moro or next few days image
  • dont worry its normal u will have quiet days and ones where the baby will kick the crap outta ya!! depends on how active u r aswell, i used to find if i was active he wudnt b but when i sat quietly he wud b lively, strange little boy lol.
  • Thanks for your replies, relieved to hear its normal!
  • I had the same the other day and got a it panicky (am 25+2), but then the next day baby didn't stop from 7am til 1pm then started off at 6pm til I was trying to get to sleep.x
  • I had the same yesterday too, and I'm 25+5. I have tried to think whether it was more active the day before (and so was it just tired yesterday?), whether I've not eaten as many sugary foods etc. I can't reason it, and just think that's the way it goes in a pregnancy. Just like some days I am less active than otehrs - I think today might be one of those days!
  • I'm 27 weeks and have days where my boy is quiet and days where he's beating me up from the inside at 3am!! I was at the midwife on Thursday and she mentioned the 10 movements a day to watch for - she did say don't get obsessed by the numbers, just use it as a guideline - she said count 24 hours from morning to morning.

    She also said if we were worried to try a cold drink to see if that gets baby moving, and also to rest as you notice more movements when sitting/lying down. We have also found that baby responds when hubby talks to him so that may be worth a try.

    If you are worried - call your local delivery suite at the hospital and get them to monitor baby - thats what the mw said to me - she said they will fix you to monitor for about 20 minutes and she says that usually that will pick up loads of movement.
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