passing the placenta ...

ok im just looking for advice from people who have already done this as im kinda confused about it - did you opt to pass it naturally or with With a Syntometrine injection ? how much of a difference is there between doing it naturally or having the injection ? ive tried reading up on this but there is hardly any infom around =/ ( or maybe im just rubbish at searching the net lol )

and for you girls that havent had the pleasure yet of passing the placenta have you decided on which way you want to do it ?

thanks girls x =] x


  • i cant remember what i did, i do recall getting an injection for something so maybe that was for that ? to be honest i didnt even care all i was focussing on was the baby so that part didnt even come into my mind, it was only 2 years ago too !!
  • im having the injection, i have read and been told by mw that it reduces bleeding afterwards and speeds up process of contracting uterus afterwards to remove placenta. i have chosen to have this so i can concentrate on breastfeeding lo and bonding straight away and not have to worry about pushing for longer than i have to!
  • i'm opting for the injection as it makes you pass the placenta within approx 15mins where as naturally it can be upto an hour! i'd rather have it over and done with asap after birth as the baby is the most important thing for me i'd rather be able to feed asnd rest after birth rather than lie there waiting to pass the placenta! plus it means you get cleaned up quicker!
  • thanks girls =]

    i think the injection is sounding the right option for me, id much rather have it all over with quickly and be cleaned up so i could bond with my baby xxx

    im glad coxley that you said you cant remember means that it can go unnoticed - puts my mind as ease xxx
  • I had the injection in my thigh... didnt feel the injection at all and then i pushed the placenta out in about 2 pushes in about 1 minute. At that point all you wanna focus on is baby so i'd recomend the injection... i dont see any point in prolonging labour! x x
  • i had the injection in my leg it gets it all over and done with quicker! u can however do it naturally and if bub is already breast feeding this will make it happen quicker! xxxx
  • I did'nt have the injection with either of my births but from what I'm reading I think I might opt for it this time as it took around 40-45 mins both times to get it out naturally and was agony! Tried the breastyfeeding thing but it still took ages coming out! I say have the injection.
  • i had my little girl 6 weeks ago and the labour was fairly quick once i was in established labour, i opted for the injection and it came out 5 mins l8a on its own with just one push, theres no way i would have had the energy to do it naturally, so i wud definetly have the injection. gd luck xx
  • I had the injection, you don't even feel it and before you know it you push and its out. I'd definately do it again.
  • thanks ladies - very reasuring replies - looks like the injection is defo the option im taking =]
  • im having the injection as had it last time,placenta was deliverd alot quicker and redusses bleeding xx

  • I went for natural but then bled alot so had the injection to help my uterus contract. I think the main thing is to let the cord finish pulsating before cutting it, this is thought to benefit the baby.
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