someone please help... so confused HELP!!!!

im so confused with argos i was baby shopping yesterday and popped into argos hoping for some straight answers but got none!!!!
can someone please tell me if this pram comes with the car seat or not???
i think it does but oh thinks it doesnt and were running out of time!!!!! baby is due im may!!!!!


  • it sounds me as if it does hun but i would phone up and ask just to be shaw xx
  • I'm pretty sure it does. Ring and double check tho!
  • Certainly reads as though it's included as it lists all the features of the car seat - why would they do that otherwise? Also it's a travel system which my its nature is a system for all travel.
  • It sounds like it does going off of the description hun
  • pretty sure it comes with everything else it wouldnt describe the features of car seat if it didnt and looking at others they normally say just travel system compatible with ect car seat would normally list another product code or compatible car seat if it wasnt included Sophie 34+5 xx

  • thanks girls i was so sure it did include it but my boyfriend put some doubts in my head lol
    i also couldnt believe the price we went to another place to get a demo on it and it would of cost us ??490 there!!!
  • it does come with it in the description it ses carseat features so it must do x
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