Has anyone been able to apply for that maternity grant yet??

Just wondered if anyone has managed to apply for that ??190 grant? on HMRC website it says you can apply from 20weeks but when i asked my midwife for a form she got a bit arsy and said she was sick of people asking her! said we cant apply till april and they havent even seen the forms yet?????


  • i asked at my 20 week appt n mw told me to apply in april.
  • is this a new thing hun? when i was preg with DD 3 years ago they told me u could only get the grant if you werent working or were claiming job seekers or something. has policy changed?
  • thats pretty much what my mw said, but said everyone who is eligable will get the payment backdated!!! i'm due 6th april so mw said i won't get mine till after lo born!!! not nice of ur mw to get funny with u thou!!! you were only askin a question!!!
  • thats the sure start grant where you get ??500 , now everyone can claim ??190 whether u work or not, it just goes on yr due date. If baby is due on or after 6th apil you can get it but midwife needs to give you forms and they sign them
  • Hi,
    try using this link


    it gives info on when and where the ??190.00 is available.

  • My midwife told me at my 20 week appt that you can apply from 25 weeks so at my next appt she would fill in the form for me. She even wrote it on my notes so she doesn't forget, xx
  • You are supposed to be able to get a form from your midwife any time after 1st January. However I have been asking my midwife and she has said that she hasn't received them yet. She promised that she would chase it up and let me know when I go and see her in a fortnight's time.

    The ??190 is available to everyone who has a due date after 6th April (new financial year) regardless of income. Once you have reached 25 weeks you are entitled to apply for it. It is supposed to be to ensure that you can afford a healthy balanced diet in the last few stage of your pregnancy, but you don't obviously need to prove this!
  • It is definitely from 25 weeks but does depend if your MW has forms yet or not. Mine hasn't got them as of yet - but she did say she had send all the info to the government and should have them soon! I guess it will take a while to roll it across the whole country! We just have to be patient - you will definitely get it - it just depends when lol xx

    Tara 26+5
  • My Midwife is still awaiting for the forms to be sent so she can give them out. Its the whole typical of great idea, poor organisation by the government. Apprantly it can be back dated if you have baby before this grant becomes available to you.

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X
  • i have already sent all my forms off for this, my mw gave them to me at 26 wks and she filled her bit out there and then, but that was over 3 weeks ago and i havent heard a thing back so maybe you do only recieve it in april???
  • My midwife hadnt heard anything either, so i called the helpline its on the gov website under Health in Pregnancy Grant, they will then send information to your midwifes if they havent had anything already. Everyone who has their baby after April will qualify but they arn`t going to start paying any money until May. xx

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  • i live in wigan too like pinkgirl and the midwife told me i was eligble to apply now and also gave me the form and filled it out for me, i never even had to ask her about it (which i was planning to anyway). I think you can only claim after 25 weeks though but the forms should be available now, i sent mine off a couple of weeks ago.

    Nina 27+2 xx
  • I had my 22 week MW check up and the MW said that she had the forms now (it applies to everyone, it isn't income based) and said that on my next check up, after I was 25 weeks then she would fill it out for me and then once i had sent it off the government pay it into your chosen bank account approx 2 weeks later.
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