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Are you getting a changing table ? I always thought I would but then when I was thinking about the praciticalities of it the other day, I thought I would probably get a chest of drawers and then just change baby on the floor (on a changing mat of course). That way there is less chance of an accident if s/he's a wriggler.

Any thoughts ???


  • I had a changing unit with the boys but to be honest i never used it, because i was scared they would fall off, even though i was there with them! Also the majority of nappy changes took place downstairs as thats where we were, i couldnt be doing with trudging up and down the stairs every time they needed to be changed! So i'm not bothering this time, i've bought a changing mat to use on the floor, and the space the table would have used up in the nursery will be taken up with a nursing chair instead, which i'm sure will be used an awful lot more! xx
  • I got one with my little girl and used it the whole of TWICE!!! no joke, i think there a waste of money really, i couldnt be bothered running upstairs every time she needed changing in the first few weeks anyway, i think there good maybe for people with a bad back, e.g if bending down is a problem but other than that i dont think there worth the money, mt daughters is a wooden one which is still in her bedroom as a toy and teddy stand.

  • I have one thats on top of drawers, but cost the same if you bought the other furniture bits so not lost anything if I dont use it. Have a mat for downstairs (live in 3 storey house, not climbing 2 flights of stairs).
    Think tables/units are useful if you have c sections and cant bend, you can get ones that go onto cot. xx
  • We are having one but when I think about will probably just use the floor! I think we'll just use it for storage purposes mainly like the bath box and nappies.
    If you got a chest of drawers thats the same size you could probably use it as a changing table anyway if you changed your mind.
  • We've got a changing table recessed in the top of our chest of drawers (mamas and papas) and once its no longer in use there is a piece of wood to insert that makes it flush.

    I don't think I would have bought one especially as some of the stand alone units just have a few basic shelves underneath and I do think its a waste of space!

    Alot of people seem to say they end up changing on the floor or bed so I'm sure that would be fine!

    Bec 28+6 x
  • I have the Millie and Boris change station which has the baby bath, I used it all the time with my little girl, its only just the last few months that I have stopped using it. Although I only used the bath bit until she was about 3 months.
    I will be using it again when baby arrives, I really liked it.

    AnneMarie xxx
  • My cousin has an over the cot changer, which i think i'm going to get as well. She's used it right through and her little one is 17 months now. You can just take it off the cot at night, and stick it on in the morning. It stops her having to bend down onto the floor with her, but doesn't take up loads of room.
  • we got this one...

    and only used it for a few months and only for the bath, we have a seperate changing mat which we just use on our bed (we live in a flat) and JJ just goes in the big bath now...looking to sell it now so it was a complete waste!! x
  • I've got the same one as Goonie (Bec) - its a kind of 'cut out' on top of the chest of drawers with a piece of wood that fits in it when you don't want that anymore.

    We also got a spare, plain, changing mat for downstairs and travel - mainly for the first week or so's poops (the minging ones!) as we've got a nice material changing mat in the nursery and I don't want the black poo all over it!!

    My sister had a changing unit with shelves and a cupboard, but she said that she wishes she'd got a drawer unit as she desperately needed the space for clothes etc...

    Joo xxx
  • Thanks ladies !

    MrsJBourne - I was thinking about getting one of those for bath time. Although I might just get a plastic bath and put it in my bath. I don't think I'm going to get a changing table - I'm just going to sit on the floor ... thanks for all your comments everyone !
  • I got a cheap one from Ikea which is actually a cabinet (good for storage) and an extra bit on top for ??20 which is the changer - you just remove it afterwards and have a nice cabinet. I live in a ground floor flat so don't need to worry about running up and down stairs anyway and this is theonly piece of furniture we've bought for the baby, other than a moses basket. I'll get a cot later on when I've decided where it's going to go! But I've found the unit is useful to put all my baby things in - nappies, clothes, breast pump etc to keep tidy for now andit has a shelf at the top which I've got some baskets for to put cotton wool, nappies, wipes etc etc in and then they'll be accessible for changing.
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