Heartbeat concerns

Hi all,

I went to the GP last night and had the various monthly tests they do. (I am a little over 6 weeks pregnant)

When she checked my heartbeat she heard a 'whooshing' sound. She said she thought it was probably 'Haemo-...(something or other)'. She asked me if I ate red meat. I said 'yes' although thinking back I probably haven't eaten any for a while (I like it rare which it kinda out during pregnancy!). She told me not to start taking iron tablets or anything but she would tell the hospital for when I go in for my 12 week booking in apopintment.

I am assuming that if it was anything serious she would have acted on it and wonder if it just means my iron is a bit low or something, but do feel a bit concerned.

Has anyone esle experienced this? Do you know what it might mean?


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