in slow labour,waters have broken!

hi,well yesterday on my due date, i had my usual long walk,raspberry teas and sex to hurry me into labour! then result my water broke 10 minites after having sex! was told to go into hospical to be checked, i was only having period cramps, mw checked me over and i was 3cm,and it was 12.30am. the internal she gave me hurt! she was so rough! the hospical kept me in otherwise it would mean a 30 minite trip back home, i was so scared and it finally dawned on me how much pain i was to have coming. to help me relax my midwife ran me a bath with lavender oil in, it was lovly! and i had a walk but still no regular contractions. so they send me home at 6.30 absoultly knacked! im still not getting regular contractions, hoping i will soon otherwise im being induced thursday morning. im sooo scared! just thought id share all with you

has anyone eles been induced? whats it like ? were the pains worse?


  • Hi,

    I cant really be of any help as im only 12 weeks and its my first baby, but i just wanted to say good luck and hope everything goes well...its so exciting for you! x
  • omg how exciting!! good luck hun - and how lovely of your midwife to run you a bath!
    susie xxx
  • Gud luck hun how exciting. I was induced with my son wen i was 10days over, my waters hadnt broken, i wasnt dialating and i wasnt getting any contractions and the induction went really well. I had one dose of the gel and then a really good sweep and that set my contractions off and i went from 0 to 10cms in 12hours. Labour pains were "normal" until the lil sod decided to turn back to back wen i was around 8cms and thats wen it got really painful. In the end i ended up having an emergency section but that was nothing to do with been induced (i just had an awkard baby who wudnt engage and heart rate kept dropping). My experience of the induction was a relatively gud one, but sounds to me like ur not gona need it coz things are moving along anyway. Gud Luck Kerry xxx

  • hope it all goes well xxx
  • good luck hun not long now xx
  • Good luck its not that bad but i cant give you any advice about induction as i have had my 2 naturally but by the sound of it you might not need it, hope your little baby comes soon.
    vikki xx
  • good luck it hurts no matter what hun but well worth it!!! im pg with 2nd so cant be that bad lol!! xxx
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