Amby hammock

Hi girls, I know its a bit early to be thinking about it, but i cant help myself! We have been discussing logistics with baba number 3 on the way, anyway, looks like s/he will be in our room with us for quite some time as we only have 3 bedrooms and i dont wat to put the baby in with one of the older 2 untill s/he will definately sleep through the night so the older ones won't be disturbed. SO.. Our room is quite big, but putting a full sized cot in will make it really hard to move around the room. I've seen an amby hammock on ebay, so i went on the website, and i must say they do look good. You can use them up to a year, so after that i was thinking if i buy a cotbed it shouldnt be too much of a waste of money as the cotbed will last a good few years. (our old cot had to be thrown when my 3 year old was 15 months, it was falling apart!!) And because they're on a lightweight frame, they can be moved around very easily and transported, so we wouldnt need to buy a travel cot, and i could have it downstairs in the day so i can keep an eye on baby sleeping.
Just wondered if anybody else has had one, or knows somebody who has, who can give me a bit of advice as to whether they are as good as the website makes them out to be? According to them, baby sleeps all night in them and it helps babies with colic, and reduces the risk of cot death, but all that sounds a bit too good to be true to me!
Thanks in advance ladies!
Ooh and on a seperate note, 10 weeks today!! Just 11 days til my scan, i can't wait!!!
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