hi hun
how u feeling today???
its very strange that something has happened to us again at the same time!!!! im still in a bit of pain but getting there.
hope ur feeling better and chilling out today!!!

love vicky 34+6


  • Hi hun....I didn't get on much yday as was bk at hospital so must have missed your post...whats happened to you hun??
    Hope you ok??
    Katie.x x x
  • im still getting over that uti hun im ok tho
    what about u how u feeling???
  • OMG, yeah I remember now...(sorry hun still a bit ditzy and trying to catch up on sleep!!)

    Hope you are not in too much pain hun and are not taking any shit from the twats at work!!!

    I'm feeling better today, bleeding has stopped but I'm sore down below and belly sore from too much prodding and poking!!! I've never been one to wish time away but god HURRY up the next few weeks!!!

    It had been mad that we keep suffering together....I remember reading your post the day I came bk from hospital at 19 wks and thinking OMG how mental!!!

    You got everything ready?? I just gotta pack my hospital bag and buy some nappies and think I'm done!!

    Katie.x x x
  • lol yh it is mental!!!
    i think were ready we have pram (at mums) we have cotbed (at dads) we have all the bits and bobs here we have moses basket and stand (at bros) my oh wont have anything here annoying!!! i just have to do my hospital bag and get some nappies etc
    i know what u mean about wishing the time away im 35 weeks tomorrow and tbh im crapping it im so scared i went to my mums the other day and everyone has had a tenner bet on when the baby is gonna come nice!!!
    as for work i do bugga all now i go in sit down take a few bets then go home lol
    im pleased ur bleeding has stopped now fingers crossed that will be it now and u will be ok for the last few weeks
    vicky xx
  • Glad you're taking it easy at work hun, i got 5 working days left, I leave Fri 18th April but I got a scan and midwife appointment next week so I get them days off, cheeky I know but really past caring now!!

    Had a nice day today as went to my friends all afternoon as Sam and her 4 year old love playing together then went to my dads for dinner so had nice relaxing day!!!

    When is your actual due date so I can keep an eye out. YOu will have to get your OH to post on here for you. You never know with everything that has been happening at the same time with us we may end up in labour at the same time!!!! lol...
    Katie.x x x
  • hi
    im due 14th may dont worry i will keep u posted either on here or on facebook lol
    it would be mad if we went into labour on the same day!!!!
    im also past caring about work i do nothing when im there just what i have to. its mad tho ppl tend to gossip ALOT in betting shops and rumors keep going round that i have had my baby or that i have gone into labour and ppl keep getting surprised when i turn up 4 work???? stupid people!!!!
    anyway u make sure u rest loads n loads!!!!
    vic xx
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